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Help! Need some distractions from GAD

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littleladybird14 Sun 30-Nov-14 18:08:15

Ive recently been diagnosed with GAD, awaiting CBT and been putting off taking citalopram prescribed by my doctor for fear of side affects...I will, I'm just waiting for some time off work so it doesn't affect me there. Problem is I've got a conference with work in London on Tuesday, travelling down tomorrow on the train with my boss. I've spent the whole weekend feeling dizzy, palpatations, tight chest like I can't breathe, and I'm getting worked up about being so far away from home where I can close the door and relax in my own way, even this is difficult, my only relaxation is sleeping at the moment!
I'm hoping fellow suffers can offer some tips of distractions, something to take my mind off my worries, the train journey, meeting new people at conference etc.
Any help is much appreciated! Thanks you x

diddlediddledumpling Sun 30-Nov-14 18:36:49

I was prescribed citalopram a number of years ago for similar symptoms. I started exercising more and gave up caffeine.
can you go for a brisk walk this evening with loud music on headphones? can you get into a book or magazine? or do some Christmas shopping online? or a box set?

massagegirl Sun 30-Nov-14 19:21:50

Download some anxiety meditations... Might help distract you.

ASmidgeofMidge Sun 30-Nov-14 19:28:55

Hi! I've got GAD too - also prescribed Citalopram. Fwiw I've never found the side effects too bad - there was a bit of jaw tightness and nausea and my top tip would be to take the tablet at night. But appreciate you wanting to wait for a good time. As a distraction, I've found downloading and listening to songs on Spotify really therapeutic - have gone for proper old songs from my yoof, that I've not heard for ages, and have laughed, cried ... Most importantly, have got it out, if that makes sense


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