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wants someone to talk...... i cant stop crying for the past few days now...

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biglips Sat 29-Nov-14 09:15:28

I don't want to carry on. my fab husband who ive been with for 14 yrs is self employed, a pole window cleaner with a shite business partner who doesn't do his part of job as my husband said he doesn't 85% if the job and business partner does 25%. Had been like that for years. Business partner said (for the past 7 yrs) he'll pass his driving test. He haven't had any lessons yet!! money had been crippling us over the years. He wish he could buy his business partner out of the business tmrw but he's stuck with his loan that he got to start up the business with 7 yrs ago...he got 2 yrs left to pay off.

I wish I could get a job tmrw so everything be much better financially.

My house is falling apart structurally wise. We live in an Victorian house. (built 1901).

Ive checked all the benefits that we are on and we are struggling to make ends meet.

My mum knows our situation and does her best to help us as she bought a few things to make our house looks nice.

Also, ive got 4 of them is a 15 yrs old who lives with her mum so we pay the maintenance to her mum every month.

I' depressed and there's nothing I can do or us for the next 2 yrs. I don't want to be carrying on like this as its stucking the goodness out of out our marriage.

The past month my brain is not switched in. I'm losing stuff around the house that I cant find.

Yesterday, my husband came home from work and snapped at me cos he said I was having a go at him. I wasn't and my mum was there too. he apologised later on. Ive got no energy atm.

I love this man and weve been married 18m. I want to be with him but I'm soooo tired with our situation.

sad sad

Millie2013 Sat 29-Nov-14 22:00:11

I'm so sorry that things are so tough. I don't have a magic wand, but I do want you to know that someone is thinking of you

biglips Tue 02-Dec-14 21:34:23

Thanks Millie.... I'm so tired now to think of anything. I go thru days of being ok and other days feeling hopeless and shite.

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