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New baby: how to be aware not anxious?

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squizita Fri 28-Nov-14 12:37:49

Just that really.
I have anxiety made worse by recurrent miscarriage and 3 biopsies in 3 years. Health issues (especially when people say "probably ok") are a trigger.

Happily I now have a DD. She is gaining weight slowly, the HV isn't overly concerned but is keeping an eye. This is what I find hard to handle.
In real life, on mumsnet and hcp say "most likely it's nothing but sometimes there's an issue with milk or digestion..."
I can't seem to manage this: I am very anxious about it all, and have no idea how to reduce this anxiety without becoming blasé and ignoring things I should notice IYSWIM. blush
CBT methods work with me but not with pfb!

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