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Help Mum of Four! Mums come together!!

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HayleyBlake90 Fri 28-Nov-14 11:35:36

Hi I am new to this site but heard a lot about it, I'm reaching out to other mothers in hoping you can understand and ultimately help!
I'm posting of behalf of my mother, an incredible woman who has looked after and cared for 4 children single handedly with two of her boys being autistic. I know there are plenty of mums out there who are incredible and what I would call super mums!
Every person has a story and I'm reaching out, my mum doesn't know I'm doing this she would be so shy and to shameful to ask for help.
My mum had a terrible accident 4 years ago which resulted into her loosing her teeth. To many this may seem not so much a big deal but there is a reason for me posting in the mental health category. This has had castistrophic affect on my mum, she used to be a very confident, hard working and down to earth woman who would go above and beyond to help anyone, since the accident she has lost all confidence she can't talk to anybody, she's lost the ability to care for her personal appearance and an all manor of things. She has tried to get help both mentally and cosmetically but it's never going to give back her livelihood. She's completely lost the spark with in her & her drive she once proudly had. It's a huge hole within our family and we all just want her to be better again.
I've tried begging NHS anybody I can to help my mum but she's too frightened to be honest on how this truly affects her. I know what it's done I'm her daughter I can see it slowly chipping away at my mum to now where there isn't much of my mum left.
My mum is too upset to ask for help as she says there are a lot of people worse off in her words 'people with cancer can walk outside without hair and I'm just selfish because I can't do that just because of my teeth'
It's heart braking to see anybody brake down.
So I've had an idea, I've set up a fund raiser online for any donations or suggestions for me to raise the money my mum needs to smile again!
Please no negative comments, I know people don't have a lot I'm simply asking for what ever anybody can afford. It would be a dream come true for me to be able to give my mum her life back.
Thankyou for taking the time to read this.

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