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How long to be referred to occupational health.

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junkfoodaddict Wed 26-Nov-14 15:32:48

My head teacher has referred me to occupational health for work related stress. Currently I am week 8 of absence and have another GP appointment tomorrow and likelihood is, he will keep me signed off.
But it has been a week since my head teacher said she would refer me and wondering how long referral s take and would it be a face to face appointment or a telephone conversation?

I am going to enquire about counselling too with my GP but I think I will be off work until at least after Christmas and have a feeling I will remain on sick until professional support has been sought.

prettydaisies Wed 26-Nov-14 16:16:52

In my experience it can take a little while. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks. Then you will get an appointment through. I found them helpful.

prettydaisies Wed 26-Nov-14 16:18:00

Sorry should have said i hope you begin to feel better soon.

junkfoodaddict Thu 27-Nov-14 09:20:10

Thanks prettydaisies
I am hoping it is sooner rather than later. I go on maternity leave in 11 weeks and don't want to spend those 11 weeks on sick leave.

I see my GP again today. High chance I will remain on sick leave until after Christmas. It is a long story but Union are involved with myself and other members at school but I am the only one who flipped and actively doing something about the problems we face. I feel quite abandoned by colleagues. They were all empowered to moan and groan but won't actually take things further due to fear. My GP has already said that if working conditions do not improve, I will not be returning at all before my maternity leave. Actually, this I don't want. I love teaching.

Work have agreed a two week phased return which IMO is not conducive to my well-being in the stressful weeks leading up to Christmas as I would have a full week out of routine and normality out of the window and I feel I need that to get back on my feet. The next three weeks are filled with; tea with Santa, the Christmas fair, my year group's Christmas nativity over two afternoons, Christmas Carol service, theatre trip and Christmas parties!!

I am not feeling too great. In fact, my mood hasn't improved in the last four weeks. There has been a shift or an addition from stress to anxiety. I have a fear of going back into an environment heavily populated with adults and children and actually fear the attention. However, the lack of it from colleagues (seven weeks of being snubbed, silent treatment etc) has actually demolished my self esteem. These people couldn't send a message of "hope you're doing okay. Hope to see you back soon".

prettydaisies Thu 27-Nov-14 15:20:02

I'm also a teacher and off sick at the moment. I would struggle to talk to colleagues at the moment apart from one good friend. She does contact me but i am always stressed that she may start talking about work. It maybe that your colleagues are just giving you space.

You need to concentrate on you and the baby and do what's best for you.

Last time i was off for a while i had a 6 week phased return. Would that be better?

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