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DD 17 Sertraline/self harm

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choochoomcgrew Tue 25-Nov-14 13:47:23

Just that really.
Caught her (ongoing) self harming again on saturday night - by the pile of blood soaked tissue in the toilet (deliberate?).
Finally got her to agree to Dr yesterday (didnt want me in room). Ten minutes later she is back clutching a prescription for 50mg sertraline and today texting me from college saying how sick she feels.

I would say she is depressed. She cant muster up enthusiasm for ANYthing. She is negative about everything despite the families attempts to help her. Nothing we do seems to work and she falls into these episodes of hysteria and self harm and suicidal threats (ive found many notes but no attempts yet). So certainly understandable if she is depressed as I know nothing will "fix" her (she is 100% any kind of self help, wont exercise, get fresh air, go to a counsellor, read books etc)
Having said all of that, I can not and she will not put a "trigger" on it all. Yes, divorced parents - she claims its not that.
I grew up with a mother on prozac and she was hell to live with. My dd is like this already.

I certainly feel like I need something similar to cope with the hell that is life at the moment, but in the meantime - teens on sertraline - any experience anyone?
And if so, more importantly anything you can recommend to help her. My heart is breaking for her. If she could see what we can see... but I know it doesnt work like that sad

CaulkheadUpNorth Tue 25-Nov-14 15:34:09

I have no advice really, except can talk from being a depressed, self harming teenager if that's any help. There is however a children/adolescent mh board which you might find helpful? I'm also a childline counsellor so would recommend she tries them or the message boards.

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