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Therapy/counselling for childhood abuse? And couples therapy?

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fluffydressinggown Fri 21-Nov-14 18:15:46

I have been referred for specialist therapy for childhood sexual abuse (sad). I have had therapy - DBT, CBT, transactional analysis and general counselling so I am familiar with the concept but everyone says this will be very different but I am not sure how. How will it help me come to terms with things? Anyone have any experience? I appreciate this is a sensitive subject.

I have also been referred for therapy with my DH (on the NHS) has anyone had any experience of this? I am not sure how it all works?

JaneAHersey Fri 21-Nov-14 21:47:48

This is a very difficult subject to reply to. 30 years ago I was given a place in a psychotherapeutic community. The therapy was confrontative I thought I was going to be cured. I was quickly told that you cannot cure you personality, you have to live with your memories and personality they cannot be erased. What changes is how you react to your feelings meaning it has to be constructive rather than destructive. I threw myself into an assortment of interests. I was told that doing so would help the huge destructive emotions lessen and lose their power. It worked for me to a degree but their are no guarantees.

The confrontative element of the therapy helped me because my behaviour reverted to being highly sexualised under stress.

I hope this is helpful and the therapy works for you.

ColouringInQueen Fri 21-Nov-14 22:13:15

Fluffy in the summer dh and I started "couples counselling for depression" nhs funded through iapt and delivered via relate. Only had a few sessions before dh went downhill, but it was helpful. All the best.

fluffydressinggown Sat 22-Nov-14 15:02:12

Thank you for your replies. I am glad your therapies were helpful.

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