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Occupational health services: how does it work?

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junkfoodaddict Fri 21-Nov-14 12:43:02

Can anyone shed any light on what happens when referred to occupational health services with your local council?

I am a teacher and am being referred for stress.

How long did it take for an appointment to be made?
How many appointments did you have?
We're reports sent to school?
How long were you under occupational health?

LosBreakingBad Fri 21-Nov-14 13:02:02

I was sent to OH for the same reason, however it was social services.
I only had to wait a couple of weeks. They were very understanding and helpful. Apparently they are inundated with social workers and teachers suffering with stress.
They explained the system, asked me how I felt, what treatment I was having etc.. They offered counselling and a further appointment. They can assist with your return to work.
A report was sent back to my manager as she had referred me. If I had referred myself no report would have been sent.
My advice would be to write down why you were stressed at work and what things would help to reduce this should you return.
Good luck, it's fine.

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