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Feel so alone and ashamed

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Uppsydaisydoo Wed 19-Nov-14 00:01:59

I hate myself. I have been signed off work with stress/depression and feel like a failure.
I don't have any friends I can really truly talk too. I mainly push people away so they don't have to suffer me. I feel a waste of space that always does the wrong thing and lets people down.
I feel guilty as I have a one year old ds and I am so so scared of him being unhappy. I am scared he will feel unloved or that he grew up with abusive parents like I did.
I am in an abusive relationship also which I am trying to get out of.
I am not eating or sleeping properly, I have lost all motivation, and feel ashamed of myself. I am on anti depressants. I think my work think I am out of order for leaving but I had no choice it was too much. Please help.

Jenda Wed 19-Nov-14 00:04:13

Oh love, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed off- you are ill. Im so sorry you are so low.

Jenda Wed 19-Nov-14 00:05:23

Is your GP someone you can speak to? Maybe get you some counseling. Do you live with your partner?

gamerchick Wed 19-Nov-14 00:06:10

I think I've found ime that leaving an abusive relationship does sort out a whole lot of other stuff.

Can you start with that.. There will be a way.

helzapoppin2 Wed 19-Nov-14 00:11:20

Uppsy, take some time out and have a break. You sound like you've been struggling on and have become very low indeed. Don't worry about your DS. He knows you love him, and you will give him the best life because you love him more than anything.
Take it a little at a time, and, I agree with Jenda, get yourself back to your GP for some more help.x

Uppsydaisydoo Wed 19-Nov-14 07:27:21

Thank you everyone for your replies x
I am going to sort out some counselling as I don't even know what I am feeling at the moment

Messymanda Thu 20-Nov-14 09:30:29

The best thing you can do for your son, is to take care of the most important person in his life, you. Go and see your GP hun. Best wishes x

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