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Struggling to De-Stress

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ThreeJellybeans Tue 18-Nov-14 14:33:56

Hello! Just looking for some advice from those juggling family life.

Lately I just can't seem to turn off, constantly worrying and its effecting me and DP relationship. Im snapping a lot and feel like I'm going round in a vicious circle. Its starting to effect my work and I'm making silly mistakes (I have a disciplinary coming up because of them making me stress even more!).

We are both working full time with a 10 month old son. I work shifts (I'm a plant operator) 4 on, 6 off. (2 12hr days, 2 12hr nights) whilst DP works Mon - Fri 8 til 4. Luckily with my shifts DS only needs childcare 4 or 5 days a month so I can still spend a lot of time with him however I only get a few days a month with DP because of my shift pattern. (No option to go part time at my workplace due to the nature of my job plus mine is the main income).

We are also in the process of buying our first house (we rent at the moment) and with Christmas coming up money is tight.

So with everything going on with working full time, christmas, buying a house, running/organising the house, money being tight and trying to spend quality time with both DS & DP, I just can't seem to switch off I'm constantly 24/7 thinking about everything that my head at times feels like its going to explode!

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on de-stressing, or what you do to relax.

Im sure its what a lot of new parents go through, just trying to find that right balance is really hard.

Thanks for reading smile

holeinmyheart Tue 18-Nov-14 21:54:05

Yes, get on a mindfulness course or down load instructs from the web. Guildford mindfulness has mindfulness practice for you to download. It is invaluable for helping you to deal with stress.
Also, recognise that you are stressed and don't take it out on each other. Sit down with one another frequently and tell each other how much you like and love each other and how you appreciate each other's support.
Or you can just get stressed, scream, and take a pile of pills.
No contest!

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