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Signed off due to stress want to leave my job

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Love2014 Mon 17-Nov-14 22:11:22

I'm off work at the moment with stress and thinking about going back to work on Wednesday although feeling really down about it.

I decided to want to go back on weds and told doctor that thinking I would try to explain to work again why I was off in the first place.

I was signed off for two weeks and went back to doctors on Friday and was really up to me how much longer I had. But I do feel the pressure to return. My HR manager has not been very understanding and been emailing and calling whilst off. She emailed me after I told my manager I was aiming to be back next weds to let me know she had booked meetings in for me to carry out with staff on my first day back at work and next few days following that even outside my normal hours of work. She said they had been waiting till I got back to do them and couldn't delay any longer. I went back to her to tell her I'm not doing them, as I needed sometime to settle back into work even if it was just a day and also did not want to do things outside my normal hours straight after coming back to work. As this was the reason why I went off in first place, them piling me up with work to point I was struggling and doing really long hours all time. I'm upset Even though I spoke to hr and my manager before going off sick face to face in work about how stressed I was and again when I rang in sick they seem to have same attitude and now I don't feel ready to go back as feels like it will just be same as before. So still feel pretty low and dreading going back. anything I have advised about my workload seems to have fallen on death ears and really want to leave the job now. My dad died at Christmas 2014, I found him still alive in my parents house after a heart attack on 20th dec, he then died 10 days later in hospital. The whole thing was like hell. I just think with this experience (that I still haven't got over) and works attitude to my stress levels I'm Considering handing in my notice when I return to work on Wednesday, I have to give them 3 months contractually anyway so hoping I would have another job at end of that. I just think life is too short to be miserable due to work and doing something that makes you down. I'm just worried how this will impact me and my partner if I don't get another job x

dreamymckip Mon 17-Nov-14 22:54:23

Can I suggest if you are thinking about leaving anyway to use your sick leave first as you are sick, and see if you can negotiate a favourable termination of contract. Companies have to be careful about dismissing employees re capability and sickness. Also every ending is a new beginning and you are right life is too short to be miserable about work! Good luck x

Sunshineaftertherain Tue 18-Nov-14 13:08:05

I agree with dreamy. If you have sick pay use it. You are sick after all. But yourself more time.

Life is too short indeed. You need to try to be happy. Good luck.

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