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Increased dose sertraline helpful with alleviating pms symptoms?

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MouseandChops1 Sat 15-Nov-14 11:14:29

Can anyone please advise how long it takes to adjust to increased dose? Upped from 50mg to 100mg nearly 4 weeks ago. I am doing ok mostly but still have a lot of days where my anxiety is incredibly bad.

I've noticed that I suffer with increased anxiety around ovulation and about 10-12 days before I'm due on. I've been keeping a eye on it for 4 months now and there is a clear pattern. Don't know if I'm clutching at straws trying to blame my anxiety issues on a hormonal imbalance but I am certain it definitely heightens my anxiety.

Really thought I'd see a greater improvement 4 weeks after increasing dose and now worried that they are not working sad TIA

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