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post natal depression

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Aurestel79 Wed 12-Nov-14 21:45:36

Hi there,
First time I'm writing on here, wondering if any other mum is going through the same. ..
My daughter is now 5 weeks old and I've just been diagnosed with pnd.
I want to run every time she cries, I'm scared of being left alone with her because I'm sure something bad is bound to happen. I'm on the edge.
My husband convinced me to see my gp and discuss options. .. but at the moment I'm just looking for someone to discuss this... any mums in the same situation? Any suggestions?

BotBotticelli Wed 12-Nov-14 22:30:09

Hello OP,

Sorry you're feeling like this. Having a baby can trigger depression and anxiety even if you've never had any MH issues before.

5 weeks is early days but if you're feeling very anxious I think speaking to your GP is a very good idea.

I had PND and very bad anxiety with my son and I was in denial about it for ages...I eventually went on citalopram which is an antidepressant medication which can be especially helpful if you have anxiety and depression, when he was about 14mo.

Within about 3 weeks I felt back to 'normal' again - like my old self before DS was born. I WiSH I had gone to my GP much much earlier and accessed this treatment sooner. I had a really shit year when DS was born and spent the whole time in a state of 'fight or flight' panic.

I now know it didn't need to be like that and there IS help available that can get you back to your old self .

You DONt need to feel like this and you WONT feel like this forever. You can get better quickly - friendly listening visits from a HV. Some CBT counselling to teach you techniques to calm down when you're feeling anxious. A course of antidepressants. I had all of these things and I feel great now.

Please call your GP today .

They won't think you're a bad mum. They will think you're a great ken for recognising you're not feeling well and wanting to fix it.

Good luck xx

LaMadeleine Thu 13-Nov-14 22:14:24


I'd just like to second something the pp said. If you have a good Health Visitor they can be really great at times like this. I've not got PND but I do have Postnatal Anxiety and when I told my HV how I was feeling she referred me for counselling with PSS (don't know if they're nationwide) which I'm due to start in a few weeks with a counsellor coming out to me at home.

Good Luck.

Aurestel79 Fri 14-Nov-14 12:46:49

Thank you ladies, nice to get some reassurance.
It's true, I'm constantly calling myself a bad mum and I feel like my dark mood is affecting my daughter as well... and this makes it even worse!
I'm seeing the gp next week. .. fingers crossed! 'smile

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