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Anyone else's menstrual cycles go bonkers on citalopram??

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BotBotticelli Wed 12-Nov-14 20:46:26

Been on 20mg for almost 6 months. Just reduced down to 10mg as part of a long slow plan to come off then so I can TTC #2.

But my periods have gone completely haywire since I went on the medicine.

Always had a very regular 27-28 day cycle. Now I am having 21 day cycles, I am bleeding/spotting at 21 days and then coming on a very heavy period at 24 days... Etc etc every month is different but it's all ODD. And short.

Today is cycle day 24. I bled on cycle day 21 and 23. Just on the loo roll when I wiped, nothing in knickers or on pad (sorry tmi).

Worried I am never going to conceive if my cycle is this crazy :-(

Will it go back to normal when I (hopefully) come off citalopram altogether in the new year, having reduced my dose really slowly??

temporaryusername Wed 12-Nov-14 21:34:34

This is interesting OP because I did have some similar issues which I attributed to another drug I was taking. I came off it and things have normalised (almost) but now you mention it, I was also on/off citalopram at the same time. I think if the citalopram is the cause it will return to normal, not an expert though.

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