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Citalopram not working anymore??

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333mumofthree Tue 11-Nov-14 00:53:45

Hi everyone. I'm new here but could really do with your advice. I've been on citalopram for 10 years nearly now. Started and stabilised on 20mg then after my husband left 3 years ago I went up to 40mg. My life is ok, hard work but ok, I've just moved house and got divorced which was hard but it's done now and is a fresh start for me but the problem I now have is that feeling is there constantly in my chest again, like I can't get a full breath, anxious. And I feel sad, not depressed as such just low and teary. I am wondering if it's the citalopram not working so well anymore. Has anybody else experienced this? What did you do? Thank you xx

PiperIsOrangePumpkins Tue 11-Nov-14 19:53:25

Perhaps you need a medication review.

I believe 40mg is the highest dose you can be given, so perhaps you may need to wean off them and change medication.

It could be that the pharmacy is using a generic form or using different suppliers and the new suppliers formula could be a little bit different.

generousfdudgy Thu 13-Nov-14 12:52:29

I have just gone through very similar re citalopram.....was on 40mg for quite a while, then had some bumps in the road health wise and found the anxiety was not being addressed with citalopram any longer. My GP was great and decided as sleeping was also an issue to cross taper me from citalopram onto mirtazapine (sp?) which I take at night as they have a sedative effect to help sleep. My GP felt that citalopram while a fantastic drug for me initially had stopped doing its job and if I remember correctly, she said that can happen after long term use. I am struggling just now and am not convinced the mirtazapine is dealing with the depression/anxiety...but for the first time in months my sleeping has been great and have I have not needed to use sleeping tablets since the first night of taking the new tablets. I am clinging on as I am also peri menopausal and fairly sure that is impacting negatively on my mental health...currently awaiting referral to menopause clinic as I had a heart attack in May which means HRT is out for me. I also have my first appointment with a self-guided service today which is a new initiative in my local area to support those with mental health am pinning quite a lot of hope on that.
Anyway....what I am trying to say is that it would certainly be worth having a review with your GP to explore changing meds - I know I am exteremly fortunate with my GP as she is very pro active - hope you have a similar one! If messaging would help I am always happy to chat online if I can help at all.

uptodate Sat 15-Nov-14 18:36:59


I was on Citalopram for about 4 ish years and found it less effective, I've had it in dosages of 20-60mg.

It sounds like you need a medication review.

I'm now on new meds and they work so much better.

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