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employment support for people with mental health problems

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greyspottycushion Sat 08-Nov-14 08:06:07

What are peoples experiences ? DH has anxiety and depression diagnosed 2 years ago. Came on very suddenly, no history of MH problems, no obvious trigger. Has tried lots of meds, and his current regime makes him feel completely and utterly exhausted. He is unable to work full time due to this, but works part time in a job in the NHS that he loves, (medic) and has received very positive feedback. He has ongoing meetings with occy health for support. There have been some days when he feels just too unwell to work and has called in sick, hence concern has been expressed, and there is a real possibility he could loose his job which would cause huge financial difficulty. He is talking about wanting to die, and how we would be better off without him, and I feel this possible job loss anxiety is detrimental to his mental wellbeing. He wants to work, but his health is so unpredictable. He feels in a bit of a permenant fog with the drugs, but MH support is patchy, he has a CPN, but doesn't seem to be under a psych since being discharged from hospital a year ago, and he is not the best at engaging. Can anyone recommend sources of advice/support for people with MH problems who desperately want/need to work, and what benefits may be available should he loose his job. I work full time, no DCs, and a mortgage. I have heard job centres are not always helpful, especially for people with "professional" qualifications, and try and direct people to jobs paying the minimum wage.

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