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Lulu3108 Wed 05-Nov-14 20:06:56


I have had previous mental health issues with anxiety, panic attacks and just stress nothing major.

Had a bereavement loads of stuff going on in my life last year so I had CBT. Psychologist misinterpreted everything I think I was also seeking a diagnosis for dyspraxia and said i thought i had a learning disability (got mixed up), had this done by the uni now. But because I said some violence went on with my boyfriend she referred me to a borderline personality disorder service was later told this was also for people who had suffered abuse... I spoke to a psychatrist and GP about it and i didn't have to go if I didn't want to or feel it was required.

I have had some intoxicated domestics with my boyfriend too who had a mental breakdown at the time where it had become violent. Social services were contacted because he lives with younger siblings but no action.

He hadn't been violent for 2 years he is much better now and doesn't drink anymore. I am so paranoid social serviceswill get involved because of the both.

I am at uni training to do health and social care related I have no criminal record, never tried to take my life or
Anything but just so worried my boyfriend has never been violent to the kids in the house could put it on my life he wouldn't touch our baby and isnt like that just had a bad mental patch.

I am stressed out also the doctor wouldn't refer me to antenatal today because I had a termination before she said she wanted me to 'think' about it. Although i said I would never have a termination again! It was unplanned and shocked but I am happy to be a mum.

Just feel like I can't enjoy being pregnant in fear of something terrible like having a baby taken away or my career in social care ruined because of it aswell.

Other than that I am OK mentally it just all these health professional creep me out they say one thing and write another.


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