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Duloxetine experiences?

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ValerieTheVodkaFairy Tue 04-Nov-14 15:08:09

Just wondered if anybody else had taken this, and how they got on.

I have been put on 30mg a day for anxiety/bladder issues (the two are interlinked at the minute) and took my first tablet last night. I found it a bit hard to sleep, had nausea, heart was racing, was feeling too warm then too cold. This lasted an hour or so, but I did eventually get to sleep. Today I feel OK, though rather shaky, and I'm glad I have a day off work and don't have to go too far. I had to nip to the shops, and the queue was quite long & I felt very warm and dizzy until I got outside again

Also my left arm is tingly, and has been since last night. I have noticed this happening over the last few weeks, usually when I get the panic attack racing heart thing, and I have to move/lift heavy items in my job, so could easily have pulled a muscle or something.

These are all apparently normal side effects, but I'm hoping they don't last too long!

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