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feeling so depressed and unmotivated, couldn't settle home yet

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bluebell345 Mon 03-Nov-14 11:32:55

We moved home 3 months ago, still couldn't settle down properly.
I am trying to wipe the walls and settle properly but couldn't manage all the rooms. my dd 13yo helps sometimes, this half term we were able to finish only 1 room walls.
2.5 room walls left. kitchen cupboards, bathroom, etc done.
always something comes up to be done first and because of that cleaning walls, etc left behind. this depresses me very much, I start blaming myself why I couldn't do it yet.
I am on sertraline 25 mg dose and thinking of increasing it, but I am so intolerant to meds I start getting side effects.
in the past I tried all other ssri's I want to get on with sertraline really.
when I have to do something else, i am just blocked with it. for example if I go out, it is very hard for me to come back and clean some part of home. I just want to be able to give a day to do cleaning but that's not possible mostly.
I blame myself a lot.
what to do I don't know.

lillylop Mon 03-Nov-14 11:53:32

Can't you set yourself some more manageable goals? List the jobs you need to do and break them down into one or two jobs per day rather than looking at it as a whole? I get really stressed about jobs around the home and I find this helps. The whole thing is too much and it all goes round and round in my head and get nothing done as seems too big a task. I've got to clean cupboards at moment but I'm just going to do two a day when dd is at school so don't get side tracked.

bluebell345 Mon 03-Nov-14 11:59:42

thanks lillylop.
I already broke them down to jobs but I lost the motivation really. I got slowed down and seem to be finding hard to make decision even for smallest things.

Noshowofmojo Wed 05-Nov-14 12:57:45

How are you doing today Bluebell?

NanaNina Wed 05-Nov-14 13:40:30

Bluebell 25mg Sertraline isn't a therapeutic dose at all and neither is 50mg really. I am not a medic but my CPN told me this - she said 50mg is just a test dose really to see if there are any side effects, and 100mg can be effective. I am on 150mg and have found it effective.

Be kind to yourself - the walls can wait - try to make one room comfortable and forget the rest for the time being. Depression drains us of motivation and moving house is a big deal (one of the life crises) so it's small wonder you are feeling so unsettled.

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