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Do I tell the gp....

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Whattodo222 Sun 02-Nov-14 18:29:59

I'll avoid specifics in the hope of not causing any triggers
I've been diagnosed with depression for over a year and on ad's continuously for this time. I quite often get suicidal thoughts but they're not something I'd act on and I see them as "background thoughts" if that makes any sense. Around Xmas last year I did have some more serious thoughts, made plans etc.
In the past few weeks the thoughts have stepped up a level and been much more frequent and without any obvious identifiable cause. A few nights ago I went to get a takeaway for the family and on my way back and out of nowhere I found myself sitting at a road end with home 5 mins one direction and the location of my last plan 5 minutes the other way. I'll not go into detail of the thoughts I had but I turned towards my plan. About 1/2 way there I stopped and sat for a minute and to cut a long story short I turned round, went home and no one had any idea what had just happened.
I'm OK today but the dark thoughts are still prominent. I've a gp appointment this week for med review and I'm concerned at their potential response if I tell them. I've done a bit of googling it would seem that if someone has the thoughts, a plan and the means then they could detain them?
I've no immediate intentions to harm myself now but it all happened without warning the other night. should I just leave it and move on or if I tell the gp will I risk getting detained???

twentyten Sun 02-Nov-14 18:31:26

Please go to the gp. There are lots of ways they can help. No expert here but please go. thanks

fluffydressinggown Sun 02-Nov-14 18:41:54

They detain you if you have an immediate plan and refuse help - eg I plan to do x on y with z and you can't stop me (I know this as this is what happened to me blush), as opposed to if I did it I would do x but I don't plan to. I obviously don't know what will happen but hospital is a last resort and dentition is a very last resort.

Please seek support - there is help out there for you that is not scary or invasive. Suicidal thoughts do not get you sectioned.

Whattodo222 Sun 02-Nov-14 19:22:12

Thanks both of you, that's what I needed to hear

twentyten Sun 02-Nov-14 19:50:28

Glad to help. Please go- very best of luck. Write it all down in advance if it helps. thanks

fluffydressinggown Sun 02-Nov-14 20:01:03

Lots of luck with your GP!

NanaNina Mon 03-Nov-14 00:44:40

Whattdo I think you are describing suicide ideation, in the sense that when we are very depressed we just want an end to the pain, rather than wanting to die. I too have done similar things to what you describe and in a strange sort of way it offers a crumb of comfort to think that there could be a way out of the torment of mental illness.

Tell your GP by all means but you won't get sectioned I'm sure. Suicidal thoughts are a very common symptom of depression and I think people on the MH threads sometimes over react. They are always urging people to call the Crisis team or go to A & E when in fact there isn't usually any need and all that will happen is that you'll wait for hours and be sent home with a couple of diazepam. I'm not saying that people threatening suicide are never sectioned but I think this is far more likely with the more complex mental illnesses that involve psychosis of some kind.

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