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Citalopram - 3.5 weeks and feeling wobbly

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peaches43 Wed 29-Oct-14 09:24:54

Have been taking Citalopram 20mg for just over 3 weeks but am still suffering from anxiety and palpitations. After around 10 days I felt a lot better and the anxiety and depression were much reduced, but for the past 5 days have felt so much worse. Get palpitations in the night when I wake up and generally feel terrible first thing.

Should I be feeling better by now? If anyone has had a similar experience would love to hear from you - really need some reassurance that things will get better in the next few weeks.

Pollywallywinkles Thu 30-Oct-14 22:02:45

I had citalopram for perimenopausal issues as I dint get on with HRT. They took about 8-9 weeks before I noticed a real difference.

I was on 10 mg.

peaches43 Fri 31-Oct-14 08:51:00

Thanks Pollywallywinkles,

What were your peri symptoms? Think my problems may also be hormone-related but I am also taking HRT and have been for almost 3 months.

Never had anything like this before and at the moment it's absolutely incapacitating. Feeling a bit better today as managed to sleep last night (with the help of sleeping tab). Just praying that things continue to improve.

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