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A great experience with my GP :)

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KnitFastDieWarm Tue 28-Oct-14 15:50:39

I went to my GP today to talk about restarting my medication. I was nervous because DH and I are planning on TTC soon and I've recently come the the realisation that I'm not going to be able to go through pregnancy without meds. I was convinced I was a terrible prospective mother and that GP would tell me off for even thinking about TTC while taking ADs.

Well she was just bloody wonderful. Totally non-judgemental, supportive, just as practical as if I'd been considering TTC while on medication for a chronic physical condition. She made me feel that far from being a terrible mother, I was already setting off on the right foot to being a good one by thinking carefully about how to balance my own and my potential child's health. She put a plan in place for reviewing my medication, for supporting me, and for involving other health professionals to ensure I got the best care. She made me feel totally in control, respected and listened to.

It's so refreshing to be reminded that for every cruddy HCP out there (and believe me, I've met my share hmm,) there's a good one who takes mental health seriously.

ScreamerMaanAndGoryOn Tue 28-Oct-14 17:19:33

That's brilliant. I've got a great GP too and it makes all the difference.

Good luck with the TTC smile

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