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Time to go back on meds?

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summersover Tue 14-Oct-14 20:48:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALittleFaith Tue 14-Oct-14 20:52:16

I'm debating this myself at the moment. I just can't shake my low mood but am loathe to take meds if I can help it.

Things you could try prior to anti-depressants - St John's wort, increasing your exercise and counselling?

summersover Tue 14-Oct-14 20:57:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALittleFaith Tue 14-Oct-14 21:16:41

As in your GP wouldn't agree to it? I'd consider changing your GP! You should be entitled to 6 sessions on the NHS. Dog walking is good exercise (I'm not one for the gym either). No, crying every day isn't 'normal'. It's a sign that you're overwhelmed.

summersover Wed 15-Oct-14 21:24:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALittleFaith Wed 15-Oct-14 21:40:59

Well done for phoning. I know it takes guts. It might be worth trying St John's Wort in the mean time.

I found the mood gym quite helpful to challenge my negative thoughts too.

summersover Sun 19-Oct-14 10:34:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

summersover Sun 19-Oct-14 13:11:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LostandConfused33 Tue 21-Oct-14 17:02:06

I'd wait to see your Dr before you start any meds - they may have something else they think would be more suitable if it's been 3 years since your last prescription.

If your Dr really isn't helpful is it possible to request that you see another GP at your practice? Some are just more understanding of mental health and generally empathetic than others.

I'm working myself up to going back to the GP and back on medication. My first line defence is exercise, plenty of sleep, sensible food (not sugar highs and crashes). When they fail (and I start crying at work) then it's time for the GP in my case.

ALittleFaith Tue 21-Oct-14 23:10:58

I agree with lost. Not that much longer to wait now.

summersover Thu 23-Oct-14 11:09:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thisishowyoudisappear Thu 23-Oct-14 12:08:51

Hello, I'm sorry you're having a bad time. If you need just to talk to someone you can call the Samaritans, or Mind? Don't minimise your symptoms, either to yourself or gp. It's not normal to feel so low or cry every day. Just a small thing but I find hot drinks, especially camomile or valerian tea, very comforting. Good luck with your appointment.

summersover Thu 23-Oct-14 19:14:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

summersover Thu 23-Oct-14 21:44:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALittleFaith Thu 23-Oct-14 23:34:21

Yes change GP. Your's sounds unhelpful at best, harmful at worst. I think of you've taken them that many times (similar to me actually) you don't take them lightly, you'd rather not but you know when you need them. You also know when you're ready to stop! I'm a firm believer you should have therapy alongside drugs but sometimes you need the lift of the meds to start facing things.

Is it a small GP practice?

summersover Fri 24-Oct-14 05:00:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALittleFaith Fri 24-Oct-14 07:31:27

If the practice is convenient definitely try a different GP first. CBT to challenge the thoughts sounds like a good plan.

You're very welcome smile

Thisishowyoudisappear Fri 24-Oct-14 11:32:07

Agree with Alittlefaith that often drugs are the best first step towards therapy, otherwise it can be impossible to engage. CBT is wonderful but IME can't work in isolation.

Can I recommend 'The Mindful Way Through Depression' by Jon Kabat-Zinn. It's (obviously!) no substitute for medication or therapy but might help a little while you are trying to get things sorted out. It's compassionate and gentle.

Again don't forget that the Samaritans are always there. You don't have to be suicidal.

Please try to see another GP. You sound very brave and proactive which is great.

summersover Tue 28-Oct-14 18:16:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALittleFaith Wed 05-Nov-14 13:08:06

How are you summer? I've reached crunch point. Today I swore and got so agitated over the combination of a parking ticket and a shopping trolley I've decided to go back to the GP for meds and refer myself for counselling. Doesn't help that DH is low too but doesn't do anything about it. I feel like he thinks he's worse off than me (he works more hours than me, he is the main bread winner, never mind that I am mostly responsible for the house etc.). I've concluded I can't make him seek help (every I say is wrong) but I can help myself.

I know exactly what you mean about lurching from crisis to crisis. Sometimes I wonder if I create my own drama? I can't be objective about that.

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