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Sertraline Buddies - Part 2! Support for all on AD's...

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Chuffchuff Thu 28-Aug-14 17:25:03

New thread for when the first one gets full - welcome everyone smile

Imliketotallyummm Thu 28-Aug-14 20:42:03

Hi chuff, just marking my place smile

Imliketotallyummm Fri 29-Aug-14 01:32:05

In answer to your question, I was nervous flying to Berlin, especially as I was flying with ydd but without dh, but having dd with me was good because she hadn't flown before and I didn't want her to be scared, so had to appear calm. But I also think I was less anxious due to the tablets.

I'm no good at driving, I haven't driven more than 10 miles for years, I just can't. But I've accepted that now, it doesn't bother me too much. I've never been very confident.

What worries me is the work thing and also that I still don't want to meet other people, go out unless just with my family sad

TheDeathOfRats Fri 29-Aug-14 02:05:34

Hi, I'm new. Is it just for Sertraline or other ADs? smile

Chuffchuff Fri 29-Aug-14 10:05:07

Hi rats smile. No not just sertraline, any ADs - although I've only taken sertraline so personally can't offer much advice about other types...

imlike we haven't been abroad for years, partly (ok, mainly) because I get so nervous at the thought of it. But DH is now talking about booking something abroad for next year. I really want to but part of me is still panicky about it sad

TheDeathOfRats Mon 01-Sep-14 22:14:14

Okay smile Bumping this thread, btw! I'm on fluoxetine thanks to anxiety and depression and am only in my first five weeks, previously on sertraline. I don't feel anything different but then I have nothing to judge it against.

Chuffchuff Mon 01-Sep-14 22:23:15

Hi again rats smile

Sorry I don't know much about fluoxetine but I'm sure someone else will come along who does...

Did you switch from sertraline because if wasn't working for you?

LastingLight Tue 02-Sep-14 09:33:06

I've been on many ad's, which either worked for a while and then stopped working or didn't work or had terrible side effects. Currently I've been stable on fluoxetine for almost 2 years and it really does keep the depression under control in conjunction with lamotrigine. However the fluoxetine killed my libido.

Pandora37 Tue 02-Sep-14 12:03:04

I'm starting to feel better in myself now. I've got a crap personal life and I was crying most of yesterday but I feel like I can handle it, for now anyway. I'm even <gasp> enjoying work, something I haven't done for months!

One thing I've noticed is that I've got several bruises on my thighs. Now I tend to easily bruise there anyway and I'm always bashing into things so I'm sure it's unrelated but I seem to have a lot, even for me. I've got two quite big ones, with broken blood vessels underneath. I don't know if sertraline would cause that? Or maybe it's just a coincidence.

I'm still <TMI alert> going to the toilet more often than usual but if it means I feel better than I can live with that.

TheDeathOfRats Tue 02-Sep-14 13:57:04

I stopped Sertraline as I was pretty much vomiting every day (and then had that seasick feeling for the rest of the time) for six weeks, starting about four days in. hmm

Chuffchuff Wed 03-Sep-14 12:05:42

Urgh sounds horrible. I did feel queasy to start with but thankfully that faded after a couple of weeks. I still do get a little bit queasy now and again but it's bearable, and stops me eating too much junk smile.

Pandora37 Wed 03-Sep-14 15:01:02

Oh you poor thing, that's awful. I never threw up but I felt very sick the first few days, it's a horrible feeling.

Rumours Wed 03-Sep-14 15:01:54

hi ive been on sertraline for around 18 months now. Im on 150mg but feeling low more often again now. my cpn is suggesting moving me upto 200mg. Has anyone done this and has it helped? I hate feeling like thissad

amyhamster Wed 03-Sep-14 15:03:45

new too

do people still enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or do you avoid alcohol altogether?

Rumours Wed 03-Sep-14 15:17:14

I still enjoy wine. Alcohol is a depressant though, so only in moderation.

thedrummerswife Wed 03-Sep-14 15:42:12

I have the odd glass of wine, never more than one though. I've been fine with the one glass.

Chuffchuff Wed 03-Sep-14 16:31:23

I still have a couple of drinks now and then. My GP said its fine and doesn't have any effect on sertraline whatsoever, just that people with depression are advised not to drink because alcohol itself is a depressant.

ElleBellyBeeblebrox Wed 03-Sep-14 16:40:33

Hi all. Hope you're having bright days.
I'm feeling horrible today. I think it's the guilt about my complete lack of motivation to do anything. MOT is weeks overdue, need to organise dd's swimming lessons, got thankyou cards to buy and write for wedding presents. All this seems so easy and normal but I find the smallest things so hard at the moment. I want to enjoy my time with the children (one and five) but finding them really hard work and feel like I wish the days away til they're in bed, or I'm at work sad
I've been on 50mg sertraline for a few months and think it has helped, but today feels impossible. Have also found myself covered in bruising and wondering whether easy bruising can be a side effect?
Sorry for the rant, don't really have people in RL right now to talk to. Strength to you all. X

amyhamster Wed 03-Sep-14 17:10:45

Thanks everyone
I'll try to lay off the booze initially but it's good to know a couple will be ok on special occasions

Chuffchuff Wed 03-Sep-14 20:56:44

Sorry to hear you've been having a bad day ellebelly. Interesting you mention bruising, did you see pandora mentioned the same thing upthread?

I'm on 50mg too and do think it helps most of the time, though I do get a few days in a row of feeling really anxious now and again (am taking it for anxiety & hideous pms).

Deelozza Thu 04-Sep-14 16:13:52

Hi all! I have posted a few times on the last thread and glad to see a new one has been started to continue the support!

ellebelly I have been on 50mg Sertraline since mid May and for the first 6 weeks I also had lots of bruising - some quite significant but my GP said not to worry and after a while I stopped getting them altho I still get the odd random bruise its not too dark and I'm not concerned by it as the GP wasn't.

I'm doing well (I think) at the mo - I had a pretty severe mental burnout around March and its taken a lot to get to where I am but I am back at work, living and socialising as I normally would and generally feeling a lot more at peace and 'normal'. Still focus way too much on how I am feeling on any given day but perhaps that is natural since I'm fearful of relapse but I do hope in time I think less about how I feel and just accept that I am fine. Lost trust in myself I think as this was the first time I've experienced anything like this so I need to allow myself time to learn how to trust myself again and my ability to cope and live a happy life.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, just feels good to write things down sometimes and hope that I can start to express these thoughts outwardly in order to reduce the inward analysis! thanks

MouseandChops1 Thu 04-Sep-14 21:45:52

Evening all, really nice to hear you are feeling good deelozza. Really relate to that 'checking in on yourself' feeling, really fearful of a relapse too. Hopefully that will fade out soon.
Nearly 6 weeks on sertraline now, was doing ok I thought up until today, definitely much improved but had a horrible panicky afternoon today and feeling all crappy and worried after a conversation with my lovely friend today, basically during the course of conversation she mentioned something about someone she knew who killed himself when suffering from depressive psychosis, this has really stuck with me all day and played on my mind, feel sick thinking this could easily happen to me.......what the hell is wrong with me?
Can anyone else relate to this, hearing something or reading, watching something that leads to massive anxiety about something you know is realistically not going to happen but the 'what if' scenarios is scary and hard to forget?
Should I put this down to a horrible day and carry on or should I speak to GP again?

Chuffchuff Thu 04-Sep-14 22:49:25

mouse I do the same thing sad. I asked my GP about it a while ago and he said its 'intrusive thoughts' and it's a very common symptom of anxiety. For me, just knowing that made me feel better; that it's not just me going mad...

I do try to avoid reading/watching/hearing about horrible upsetting things, which is not always easy I know.

Deelozza Mon 08-Sep-14 09:55:12

Hi all!

Yes Mouse - the checking in on oneself thing is like a vicious circle IMO as you can be feeling perfectly fine and then the thought about how you feel will pop in your mind and leads to all sorts of self analysis/doubt/fear but ultimately, it serves no use and the best thing I find is to try and distract myself from my feelings by reading/cleaning up/painting nails - whatever I can.

I was still very up and down on sertraline until my 3rd month so at 6 weeks I was very much still having several fine days and then hit with anxiety or low mood and tbh, I am much more even keeled at this stage (so approaching my 4 month mark on 50mg) so try not to worry, things will hopefully even out for you too - the good news is you are feeling much improved - now just try to wait it out, you are responding to this medication so give it some more time and try not to stress too much about the blips (easy to say I know!)

I'm noticing I'm losing a lot of hair at the mo - has anyone else had this? At the moment it doesn't seem to be noticeable per se on my head but I am noticing the increased hair in the shower and brush etc so will mention this to my GP. thanks

Curlygirl1511 Mon 08-Sep-14 19:10:58

Hiya have you room for one more?
I've been on sertraline 50g for 5 weeks. My doctor put me on it as I was having panic attacks. I had been having problems with my health, stress from my family and splitting up with a boyfriend. As well as starting a new job. Although I thought I was fine, a few months ago I started having panic attacks. It came to a head when I had was in pain from my medical condition, I was also at work and had a major panic attack. One of the directors took me to my doctors. I was then prescribed Sertraline. It hasn't been an overnight I'm fine and due to my health not being so great, I've had to take it a step at a time. It's too early doors to say I'm better, but I have my up days and I have my down days. I still feel a bit panicky but I'm going to start CBT soon, so I'm hoping that will help. Not many people on my real life know, they think I'm this strong single mum but I'm not. I feel like I need support but just don't know who and where to go to. Sorry for the long message!

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