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Steraline and pregnancy?

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FreeSpirit89 Fri 15-Aug-14 18:10:32

I have been prescribed 50mg, and I think I'm pregnant. Is it safe to take?

Has anyone taken it when pregnant?

I can't get an appt for a few weeks.

vickylu1 Sat 16-Aug-14 15:30:00

Do you mean sertraline? You're on a fairly low dose at least but it's not that well researched with pregnancy. I was prescribed it whilst breastfeeding and told it was fine for that.

You've obviously been prescribed it for your health so don't just stop taking it without medical advice. If you've got to wait that long for an appt then try and speak to the nurse at the surgery. If you think you're pregnant and haven't already taken a pregnancy test you should provably do that to be sure.

Here's the patient info leaflet on sertraline which you should have in with your pack, it says to seek medical advice if you're pregnant, think you could be etc..

Definitely find out sooner than later with this one.

MouseandChops1 Sat 16-Aug-14 17:51:41

My friend was prescribed it whilst pregnant, 25mg increased to 50mg. She was on it throughout and was really well on it.
I was prescribed it when breast feeding also. As Vicky said, limited research in pregnancy.
Was your GP aware when prescribing that you thought you may be pregnant? You could try speaking to a pharmacist tomorrow, if you find one that's open to run it past them also?
Hope that's of some help.

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