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Flying today and totally!

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Minion100 Thu 14-Aug-14 09:32:39

I really do hate flying, I have such a bad phobia and I have to fly today.

I have got Dizepam from the doctor but could hardly sleep and woke up with an upset stomach and my mind is racing.

Any support? I want to run away and avoid it but know I have to do it sad

thenightsky Thu 14-Aug-14 09:39:09

Who will be with you?

Minion100 Thu 14-Aug-14 09:41:53

Just my son, but he is big enough to be fine watching a movie on his tablet if I am a bit zonked out. But I just feel so terrified. This is such an irrational thing I know but I just cant control it!

thenightsky Thu 14-Aug-14 10:13:56

I don't know what to suggest really. I tend to read a book and ignore all around me. I put the table down, put the book on the table and rest my head against the seat in front, looking down at the book (if that makes sense). That way I seem to be able to shut out everything that is happening around me.

I don't actually mind the flying though... just the awful close proximity of other people!

DaddyBeer Thu 14-Aug-14 13:07:54

This may or may not help, but you are more likely to win the lottery than not arrive safely at your destination.

And winning the lottery is less likely than being able to guess the mobile number of the person sitting next to you.

And if that doesn't help, the diazepam almost certainly will (smart move).

Tip: if you have enough, it can help to take some the night before flying back (dentist I know gives this advice to patients he prescribes diazepam to before a procedure they're nervous about). But I am not a doctor and if you are drinking night before coming back then use common sense!

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