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I'm Feeling Down

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MRSF2B2014 Thu 14-Aug-14 09:03:08


I don't know why I'm writing on here as I'm not asking a question, I just feel like crying at the moment.

I'm engaged to an amazing man - getting married in November which I am so excited about.

However, I have been feeling down for a long time (long before engagement) I just feel like, where am I going with my life? - I have a pretty rubbish job (feel stuck), when I search elsewhere I don't seem to get a reply. (I only have GCSE'S) and would love to go back to college to study HE course in Nursing but we have a mortgage and we can't afford it on my OH's wage.

Every few weeks I have some sort of breakdown where I can't do anything, I can't eat, just sit around and cry. My OH knows about this and tries to help but can't understand it. - I think I may be suffering with Depression but when I speak to him about it he says don't be silly, look at the lovely flat we own etc, so I have given up discussing it (This has been happening for about a year). I have been to the doctor and they give you a 'test' - great some tick boxes - they really need to do more to understand mental health - and got told that looking at my test I am fine. OK.

I also struggle because I feel I have no real friends, I have one person that I can talk to but we don't go out much so most of my nights I'm sitting in at home, which in itself gets me down, because I just sit around thinking about all the bad things in the world etc

I guess can anyone recommend anything to try and help me? - I have tried to look for a free class or something in the evenings, where I can just go an meet people, but haven't found anything.

Llareggub Thu 14-Aug-14 09:08:16

I have an app on my iPad - essentially a diary, where I try and write there positive things about my day, as well as three things I want to change about my life.

I've also found that a bit of exercise every day lifts my mood generally. Even ten minutes of walking helps.

Life can be overwhelming at times, I know. I was diagnosed with depression following a tricky time post separation and I think I am through it, for now. My mood can be up or down at times but I try and focus on the little things that personally help me.

You can always try another doctor. Or perhaps your work offer a confidential counselling service?

MRSF2B2014 Thu 14-Aug-14 09:57:03

Thank you very much for your reply.

I was very into my fitness last year but it fizzled out, I am going to try and start going more often and trying to eat better.

I think your right about writing things down, I need to think about positives which I try to but forget when I'm very down, if I have a little book maybe i can read it in those moods.

I find it very difficult to talk to doctors now as have had a few bad experiences with different ones. Can always try again though.

Thanks for your help and support.

Llareggub Thu 14-Aug-14 16:28:14

I find by thinking about what has been positive very day helps me focus on the good things. I forgot to add that I try and link the things I want to change with positive things I do the next day.

CycleChic Thu 14-Aug-14 16:34:55

You say that it gets bad every few weeks. .. I've heard that progesterone levels can do bad things to one's mood. Worth charting your period and mood for a few months, to see if there is a pattern.

Meet has free things to do, or have you considered volunteering somewhere? My city has befrienders for OAPs and new mums, you might find something like that?


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