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Doctors tomorrow. Nervous.

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Beemer30 Thu 14-Aug-14 11:24:36

I've been! Not sure it was massively great. He's prescribed me with Mirtazapine. Which I'm worried about taking tbh as having a quick read online tells me that they work as an appitite stimulant. I already weigh 17.5 stone something I desperately want/need to sort.

scottishmummy Thu 14-Aug-14 06:40:12

Good luck with your appt today

Beemer30 Wed 13-Aug-14 22:26:37

Thank you very much. Yes I was thinking of writing some things down as no doubt I would convey what I need to.

scottishmummy Wed 13-Aug-14 21:33:42

Ok,so write down what you want to say.explain your nervous
Give examples of how all of this impacts upon you,how long you've felt low
Discuss your sleep,nutrition,and whats typical week like for you.think of any triggers

And best wishes to you at a difficult time
Most mental health is managed in community with medication,and GP visits

Beemer30 Wed 13-Aug-14 19:41:39

I'm finally going to the doctors tomorrow. I'm anxious about going cause I don't think my doctor is particularly sympathetic towards mental health problems.

I don't know how to pin point what is actually wrong with me. I feel low, I get anxious and I think I have an element of PTSD mix that with two children 3 and 8 months and lack of sleep, SAHM monotony and I have wound up here.

I've felt like this for ages. I was awful when I was pregnant with my youngest. My eating is out of control insofar as I eat like mad when I'm stressed.

I'm just worried that the doctor isn't going to take me serious (again) and that I will end up leaving with the feeling that I've wasted his time.

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