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Psychosomatic pain

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anxiousnelly Mon 11-Aug-14 22:33:58

I'm really distressed by health anxiety at the moment - as you can probably tell by my posts on other boards desperately searching for reassurance.

Amongst other things I have aching where my glands are - neck, under arms, behind knees, in groin.

I got extremely distressed tonight about it as I was aching behind my knees and went to the out of hours GPs.

He said there were no swollen glands and so I asked if depression/anxiety can cause these types of pain and said yes, but obviously to go to my usual GPs if it persists.

I have had bloods done as I was convinced it was lymphoma which were clear. I'm not quite sure what I would actually have a scan of, although one has been offered.

It's all so confusing I don't know what to do.

Could this all be in my head?

temporaryusername Mon 11-Aug-14 22:55:04

Lots of odd pains and symptoms come and go, often without a cause being found. That doesn't mean they were purely or even partly psychosomatic - just that not everything you feel means much or will be significant. I would have a talk with your regular GP about these symptoms and have any checks that he/she recommends. That is reasonable. In the meantime though, the ideal mental response would be to not assume that the symptoms will definitely be something significant or very bad. They could be bad. They could be nothing. They could be something temporary or minor. Easier said than done I know.

anxiousnelly Mon 11-Aug-14 23:11:22

Thank you x

temporaryusername Tue 12-Aug-14 00:52:48

I don't think you should put pressure on yourself to work out what is going on or to decide if the pain is psychosomatic. You just need to convey information to someone qualified to interpret it.

Maybe - I don't know- it would be helpful to think that your choice isn't between doing nothing about your symptoms, and being very worried and taking action. You can respond appropriately, have a check up or follow up blood test for example, whilst also regarding it as a precaution that will check for something that is unlikely, and that you won't panic about before it is confirmed.

anxiousnelly Tue 12-Aug-14 01:37:27

You seem level headed and extremely sensible! Has it been a journey similar to mine to get there?! I hope so and that there's hope for me.

MorphineDreams Tue 12-Aug-14 01:49:17

People with fibromyalgia often have pains like you're describing but unfortunately there's no diagnostic test.

I would write down everything to get a clear picture then go back to your GP.

Good luck OP

temporaryusername Tue 12-Aug-14 02:00:54

I wish that were true! I have anxiety problems with other things - if you were to talk to me about that you would be level headed while I was panicking! I think people with different anxieties can be quite helpful to each other because they don't have the same obsession so they can see what is what, but at the same time they understand what it feels like to be so anxious. I do think there is hope for you for sure, though, and for me!

Actually though I have had periods in the past where health anxiety was bad and has really improved so yes, in that sense. Also I've had good and bad times with all types of anxiety. You will get better. brew

anxiousnelly Tue 12-Aug-14 09:25:23

Morphine That's a really good idea re. writing it down as at the moment I just keep going in with random things and to pin point it would be helpful.

Re. the fibro I'd be quite happy with that - i.e. it's not going to kill me...but how strange how something mentally can eventually come back in a 'physical' form. Physical to me anyway. Odd.

Yes I can give a good talk when it comes to anxiety temporary but very shit with dealing with it myself!

qumquat Thu 14-Aug-14 17:48:19

I used to have terrible back pain which is now completely disappeared after reading the books by Dr Sarno. The pain was psychosomatic but it's still real pain. Give the Sarno books a go, they changed my life (my only ever self help book success!)

Haggisfish Fri 15-Aug-14 22:53:32

With random vague pains like that, I kept a daily diary, complete with diagrams, and could then see a pattern over months (and now years!). This has meant I am hugely reassured it us not lymphoma and I recognise the patterns in my pains. I think most people have random pains like this but just ignore them. And, yes, anxiety can cause you to be hugely tense and thus have sore spots.

anxiousnelly Sat 16-Aug-14 10:28:24

Haggis that is an excellent idea and what I needed to read this morning, just before I started Googling again which I have gone without for the last two days. You have helped me today so thank you Haggisfish

qumquat OOh will have a look!

Haggisfish Sat 16-Aug-14 11:20:02

I'm glad I could help! I have honestly found it helpful over the years. I do also feel quite sad when I look at the time I have wasted fretting, but the diary helped me reduce this time. I suffered vague pains and also intermittent irritable bowels and piles and again, the diary helped me not to panic when another bout happened.

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