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summer heat - in the village we'll meet....oh, those summer nights! support for MH issues, depression, anxiety, what ever the issue come visit the village [titled edited by MNHQ]

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SomethingVicardThisWayComes Sun 27-Jul-14 18:09:10

well a well a well a oh tell me more tell me

new thread guys....feels funny doing the threads again! but nice....

so. for any newbies....the purpose of the "village" threads is to support anyone with MH issues....depression, anxiety, anything at all, for what ever reason.

there is an open door policy in the village! so pull up a pew and get stuck in....

SomethingVicardThisWayComes Sun 27-Jul-14 18:10:21

linky to old thread

SnowyMouse Sun 27-Jul-14 18:24:09

Thanks something! grin

katkins, alternatives to the planned activity usually just mean sitting in the day room doing nothing, so it's nicer to be at home really.

I'm glad that you've got your outpatient appointment on Tuesday, and I hope they discuss some strategies to help you manage things, and meds as well. What does the prn mess with? Good luck with the distractions.

I've got day hospital tomorrow, I'll have to wait and see what the activity is, maybe educational groups.

NanaNina Sun 27-Jul-14 21:02:59

Thanks for the new thread something - it's good to have you back! Snowy - you seem to be getting a lot of "input" from MH services at present, but don't know whether you see that as a good thing or not, as I know you struggle with certain aspects of these services. Is the day hospital all day or just a few hours - do you have a choice of activity. I agree that if you are just sitting about, you may as well be at home. I found being an IP soooo boring, although there was an excellent OT on the ward and it did help to pass mornings away.

Katkins your university experiences sound very harrowing and must have left you with a range of unpleasant emotions. The racing heart and breathlessness sound like symptoms of anxiety maybe. Have you got your finances sorted. Hope you get things sorted on Thursday.

I was amazed to get a good day today as yesterday was rubbish and I hardly ever get just 1 bad day, so it was especially nice. I went to see a friend I used to work with and we sat in her garden and chatted about everything under the sun.

SnowyMouse Sun 27-Jul-14 21:13:17

It's a few hours, but only one activity offered at one time. It's less boring than IP though, you're right.

I'm glad you've had a good day smile

Collardove Sun 27-Jul-14 22:12:04

Something - i am liking the new thread title! smile

NanaNina - I am glad you have had a much better day today smile

Snowy - you also seem Perkier today and that is good to read. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable activity for you tomorrow on your visit.

KatKins - I was sorry to read of your experiences at uni sad Incase I don't get the chance to be online whilst I am away a few days now, hope all goes well for you Thursday smile

Everyone else hope you are all okay? I read a few are busy with DC now in the summer holidays. (((Hugs))) for all x

ColouringInQueen Sun 27-Jul-14 23:10:08

thanks something

katkins your post about uni was sad - I'm sorry to had such a horrible time. I can sympathise on the being believed thing. For quite a while I had a "am I just making a big fuss, I should just pull myself together" voice in my head, and then took an hour to make a meal that usually takes me 20 mins cos my brain was so fried and I just needed to go back to bed and sleep.... It is hard when there's no outward sign - like a leg in plaster.

snowy glad you're surviving the day hospital, hope you have some more appealing activities this week.

nana I know what you mean about staying up late confused....

hi collar hope your weekend's been ok.

pulled I know the summer holidays can feel very daunting. Do you find having any sort of structure to your day helps? For me popping out somewhere with the dcs between about 11 and 3 helps to break up the day. Tomorrow its the library.... Sorry I've forgotten how old our dc is. My sil finds her local surestart centre a good place for different activities, but I know they can be daunting. Thinking of you.

Well ok weekend. Quieter, and starting to think ahead to holidays in august which is nice. Feeling a lot less enthusiastic about the school hols thing tonight though.

Hi to lem, victrix, dd and everyone else.

As something says, be brave and join us - this is a lovely supportive thread.

Pyrrhagena Mon 28-Jul-14 09:51:58

Hello peoples! Marking place. Not really up to catching up with the threads at the moment, trying hard not to cut. Have loads to organise and DH has invited people (I've never met before) round this weekend. (Sits amongst a pile of boxes in despair). Just realised I will lose my email address this week so need to sort out logins for just about everything...

Hope you're all doing ok and will try and catch up when I get the chance.

Victrix Mon 28-Jul-14 10:06:52

Hello all, popping in to mark place. Still shattered here, hope it's a decent Monday for everyone smile

Katkins1 Mon 28-Jul-14 10:53:35

Glad you feel better Nana. I'm just checking in, because I'm really tired. I didn't take my zoplicone yesterday, so didn't get any sleep until 5am. It's a bit validiating to know that I'm being OTT about University, and that it wasn't normal behaviour by a long chalk, so thank you for that.

Nana, I need to apply again for council tax benefit and my normal benefits have got a sicknote with them. I'm feeling really low and quite sorry for myself, quite tearful, but I'm guessing that happens as you 'return' from a physcotic episode....

LEMmingaround Mon 28-Jul-14 12:06:42

Glad ive found you all x

Queenofknickers Mon 28-Jul-14 12:10:50

Hello everyone. It's good to know this thread continues! I'm feeling better on the Lithium but now just feel a bit stuck and nothingish. I need a life.....

SnowyMouse Mon 28-Jul-14 12:29:16

I've had a bit of a morning. Transport was supposed to get me to the day hospital for 10, got me there at 11:35. They were supposed to pick up after 12:30, but picked up at 12:00. I didn't get to talk to anyone or do anything. Now I'm home, but very stirred up.

Collardove Mon 28-Jul-14 14:23:58

Snowy - gosh they have really messed you about today sad

These visits are meant to aid you, not add further anxiety to your life!

I am most cross on your behalf!!

NanaNina Mon 28-Jul-14 17:10:22

snowy that just isn't on. I think you need to be assertive and tell the MH people that you will only attend the day hospital IF the transport can be sorted out in an acceptable manner, to enable you to arrive on time and be picked up on time. It must just add to the stress that you already feel - it can't be that difficult to sort out transport can it!!

ColouringInQueen Mon 28-Jul-14 17:37:27

snowy hope your afternoon s been better.

Raging anxiety today - feel like someone is sitting on my chest sad.

SnowyMouse Mon 28-Jul-14 18:31:40

Thanks all. I know it's not on, but there doesn't seem an easy way to sort it, I've complained before. I'm sorry your anxiety is so bad, CIQ, does anything at all help with it?

SnowyMouse Mon 28-Jul-14 19:18:12

How is everyone else?

ColouringInQueen Mon 28-Jul-14 19:21:16

alcohol hmm...

I think its cos I have 3 days pencilled in to do my painting commission, which is good, but my initial excitement about it has worn off and the picture that I had in my head of what and how to paint it has nearly completely faded away sad

Phew. At least dh dealing with kids now.

NanaNina Mon 28-Jul-14 23:24:28

Oh sorry about the anxiety CIQ but I somehow think you will manage - is it having the kids around that is putting you off.....can DH manage them with your 3 "pencilled in" days?

Hi lem how are you? Katkins why not take a zopiclone tonight to get some sleep. Are they 7.5mg - when I had some, I used to cut them in half and that did the trick for me. Makes then last longer as well.

QfK sorry I really can't recall your posts - I will trawl back unless you can give me a brief reminder...........

I've had a strange day. The headmonster has a new trick. I woke this morning feeling fine and drank coffee and read papers in bed (as is my normal habit on good days) and then once I was "up and about" I didn't feel so good, and that has happened several times in the past, but I would pick up through the day or evening. Today though I was ok till about 4 and then felt a dark cloud envelop me and I had a long cry which helps a bit. Then I mooned about and watched the news which was a mistake (all those poor people in Gaza and Syria) and then about 7 another cloud descended, so another cry, and then lay on my bed reading till about 10, and am ok now.............they do say "variety is the spice of life" - could do without this sort of variety though.

Sorry if this is did ask snowy (!) I am wondering if you find it difficult to be assertive - I know you said you complained but I still think you should issue the MH profs with an ultimatum - either the transport arrives on time and collects you on time, or you don't go to the day hospital. You just don't need this and it's so unfair as you are being pressured into doing something you don't really want to do, but are being compliant and they can't even sort the bloody transport others, I feel angry on your behalf.

Hi collardove pyrrhagena victrix pulledapart and anyone else I've forgotten. DumDum where are you? Have a feeling you are struggling. Nethuns missing you too.

ColouringInQueen Tue 29-Jul-14 22:04:26

Hi everyone,
hope you survived the heat if you're anywhere down south.
Tough day, ended up in bed with migraine at 4.30. Bit better now.
Quiet here today, hope people are ok.
take care all.

SomethingVicardThisWayComes Tue 29-Jul-14 22:11:03

hey all....

snowy thats crap - it renders the appointments useless. you do really need to say something again.

ciq sorry your anxiety is bad.

and dear nana....hope tomorrow is better with head monster....

i couldnt manage work today - first time ive called in sick in months and months.
i took a zopiclone (3.75mg) last night because i hadnt slept on sunday....but this morning i felt like i had been run over by a steam roller...i couldnt get off the bed.

im still alcohol free, and im running every other day too, so god knows whats wrong with me. I didnt manage to get up today until 3pm....but then i went running, got showered and dressed and went to the supermarket. i left dd doing tea while i walked the dogs to the park. i think ive had a big of a bug thats been doing the rounds a t work....

and my anxiety has heightened over something daft but i had a few years ago gone to a hynotherapist, she gave me a relaxation cd which i had lost but i had it on my ipod....i rely on it heavily to sleep. long story short - its gone. i think thats what caused me to feel the need for the i have a bloody fitness test next worrying about it. and i know if i pass this one its only going to get harder as i get older....this bastard government....guy fawkes had the right idea.....

on the plus side - i have decided that DH and i should have a proper holiday on our own next year, dd will be 18 and has said she will house and dog sit so im just waiting for the go ahead to book what looks to be a fabulous break, its an adult only hotel, 5*, local will be the first holiday dh and i have ever ever taken alone, just the two of us. its long overdue.

i might feel better when ive booked that. and if i fail the fitness test then i might be out of a im thinking live for the moment. ish. even though the hol would be over a year away!

well. i should try and get back to bed....i said i would go back to work tomorrow.....not sure if im up to it but trying not to think about it.

hope the rest of you have a restful night. x

Katkins1 Wed 30-Jul-14 12:24:33

Snowy, have you spoken to patient advocacy and liason ? Vicard, zoplicone makes me feel like that, too. I found taking it at the same time every day reduces it a little bit.

I've just spoken to the social worker...DD is coming back to stay over the weekend, then back properly late next week. So, I have 3 weeks of the holidays with her coming up. Not that long, really.

On the way to sorting my benefits, too. I still have some post-pyschotic flu like symptoms (might be something to do also with going out late last night with friends, though no drinking...). The social worker is looking into gettinh us some family support.

SnowyMouse Wed 30-Jul-14 14:56:21

I hope you get rid of the bug before the fitness test, vicar - it must seem quite a hurdle sad

I was picked up at 11, and they apologised - apparently they'd asked the message to be given to me that they would be late, but nobody did, so I sat outside for 2 hours (thankfully in the shade). Complaining about transport doesn't bring a change, I've done it before.

That's good re: DD katkins grin Are you looking forward to it? Good re: the support too.

Katkins1 Wed 30-Jul-14 15:12:44

I am a bit, snowy, but I'm still quite unwell and quite emotional, so I'm not sure yet how I will cope. Most of my pyschotic stuff is in check, but I need a long time to 'recover' from days out and things like that. Shame about the transport. Home treatment were rubbish about things like that too, kept missing visits and things.

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