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Question about anti psychotics.

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Imsuchamess Thu 10-Jul-14 10:52:18

I have now been bumped up to 15mg olanzapine. The side effects drowsiness, increased appetite, genital anaesthesia, low libido are lessoning. Which is great right? But I am worried that as the side effects are lessoning it's effectiveness may also lesson.

So my question is do anti psychotics lose there effectiveness over time?

beavis123 Thu 10-Jul-14 11:00:36

I had that happening with one antipsychotic. It worked at first but when the side effects were gone so was the effect. I was on very low dose though and think that the effect was one side effect itself. This happened in a matter of weeks.

dontrunwithscissors Thu 10-Jul-14 17:10:54

No, that hasn't happened to me on quetiapine.

fluffydressinggown Fri 11-Jul-14 17:20:05

I have found them less sedating as my body gets used to them but I don't think they stop working.

Imsuchamess Sat 12-Jul-14 12:47:30

Thanks all.

Kittykat7 Sun 13-Jul-14 11:46:50

I don't think so. I take 2.5 mg Olanzapine taken for 8 years. If I miss one night I get a terrible night sleep so it's still effective. Weight gain is a known side effect from higher doses fro what I've read.

Proclean Sun 13-Jul-14 22:06:36

My dd has quetiapine but over the years they have steadily increased her dose! Not sure if that means they are less effective or dd's need is increasing.

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