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Fed up of hating myself

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lauren6283 Sat 05-Jul-14 22:12:37

I'm terrified of confrontation. And everyone knows this. I feel like everyone pushes me around and treats me like crap because they know they can get away with it. And to be honest it makes me feel so bad about myself that I want to die. And I don't want to die, I love my son and my husband to pieces, I would never want to leave them, I just can't cope with all the pressure of trying to please everyone else because I'm too scared to go against them.

I'm so tired of it all. And I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any advice? I just can't cope with it all. I used to cope by self harming and overdosing etc. but now I have a baby I can't do any of those things because I don't want to risk losing him. Please can somebody tell me it gets better. I'm so fed up of hating myself.

DaddyBeer Sun 06-Jul-14 01:24:04

Lauren honey, first of all you know you're not going to do anything silly, because you know you have people to look after and that's a base of stability, isn't it? It's an anchor that will hold you.

The prospect of confrontation can feel really bad when you're anxious - if you are - and make you scared to look people on the eye, if that's it?

You don't say much in detail, but I wonder if you have someone in RL you can talk to about how you really feel. If not then Samaritans can be very helpful. Secondly perhaps seeking a counsellor or therapist could also help. Someone you could say anything to without feeling scared about how they'll react.

It can get better, IF you can find someone reliable and constant to talk to and confide in. It really and absolutely can, but you do need to find an outlet for the frustration you're feeling. MN is a good place to start thanks

Snog Sun 06-Jul-14 09:14:13

Sorry you are feeling so bad. Do you have a good GP? Sometimes a combination of therapy and meds can be really transformative.

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