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Think I may have stopped therapy too soon

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Stoppedtoosoon Sat 05-Jul-14 21:55:49

I am unsure what to do.

I have been seeing a psychotherapist for about 6 months. I went to talk through a specific issue and felt that this has been dealt with. I felt really positive and like a lot of issues had been put to bed.

We did 4 weeks of ending and all was ok. On my last session this week I was feeling quite sad and we spoke about that.

Since my last session I have been feeling very anxious, quite scared and quite detached from the world and other people.

I have had a bad experience since therapy ended which is very linked to why I went in the first place and am feeling very stuck.

Are these feelings quite normal? Will they subside? I am really not sure what to do.

DaddyBeer Sun 06-Jul-14 01:37:36

IME it is not uncommon to feel anxious after finishing therapy. Is it possible for you to go back for a few more sessions?

I realise this will depend on whether your therapy was private or NHS. Either way, I would encourage you to find someone to talk to about how you're feeling.

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