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Mood swings and obsessions

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citygirl1961 Thu 03-Jul-14 17:29:08

Hi, I suffer from depression and gear towards manic depression I think as my moods are so up and down. I am on antidepressants and have been for years.

I live alone with my two cats, am twice divorced, have a partner now whom I don't live with. I have a good job, plenty of friends and a brother and sister in law I am now close to. I have lost both my parents.

One day I can be full of energy and enthusiasm and will do my hobbies and feel good, but the next day I can be down, want to do nothing but sleep and feel restless and aimless. My good days are mainly when I am at work and busy or meeting people and have plans. I like living alone and have no desire to live with my partner as we both like our own space but I can't cope with the thoughts of what if I am ever house bound. I would go crazy as I can't stay in during the day though at nights it doesn't bother me.

At work I always volunteer to stay late because I hate getting home too early, I get bored and restless but it's getting now where most of the work is done earlier and I dread being unable to stay.

When I'm on leave from work I feel aimless if I have no plans and just want to get back to work. The thought of retirement scares the he'll out of me.

I also get obsessions about things. I will buy something and then regret it and give it away. I obsess about what make up I should buy, things for my home and I feel guilty if I spend over the odds. I worry about anything and everything. Is there any relief from this?

dontrunwithscissors Thu 03-Jul-14 21:20:41

Have you considered seeking out therapy? It sounds like there are aspects of your life that you're not happy with. It's unusual--but not impossible-- for someone with bipolar/manic depression to cycle through moods
as rapidly as you describe. I'm bipolar 2 and the highs/lows are longer and don't change according to what I've been doing.

mouses Sat 05-Jul-14 23:45:10

watching with interest, I too have mood swings, good one day not the next. infact exactly as you described and quite often ive been ok in the morning and suicidal by that evening! its so exhausting - I have 3 kids to juggle too.

I get obsessions about things, animals mainly. I impulse buy then regret it, feel guilty that ive spent so much on whatever it be.
I hope there is a relief from this as im at end with it all...

when I try and talk to my counsellor, psych or doc about things I get told im just depressed, take ya pills and change your ways basically :-(

citygirl1961 Sun 06-Jul-14 21:11:16

Hi, I have had counselling in the past, it helped at the time but I still can't past these mood swings.

Mouses, how do you obsess about animals? Just wondering as I worry and obsess about alsorts of things, especially spending money and then going on a guilt trip afterwards. I really wish we could find some relief from this.

mouses Sun 06-Jul-14 21:58:18

citygirl im on my 2nd lot of counselling, I seem immune to any drug or therapy! :-(

obsess about animals - I get an idea in my head that a cat, dog, mouse etc will be good, then it doesn't leave my head until I got one. no matter if I have money or not, I track one down an get it. its like im under a curse? then 3 / 4wks maybe few months later I realise what ive done and cant actually cope or want the animal. then the guilt sets in, I upset the dc's that another pet has come and gone, upset myself that it happened again - and that I have got myself into debt again.

I have found all a good home, but then the thought comes round again. its never ending.

I do hope theres relief some how.

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