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URGENT advice needed quickly please re work and depression

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jemjelly Mon 30-Jun-14 12:15:36

Sorry about the caps but I need some help quckly. I have to complete my ODP at work within the next hour and my line manager has left some very negative comments which I need to address.

The comments are valid but my work sufferred this year as I had depression and was signed off by my GP for 3 months, the depression was caused by some very difficult life events and a difficult boss though not necessarily my work, the depression is hopefully a one off for me and though I am still on the anti depressants I feel I am fully recovered and on top of things again.

Should I note on my ODP that my boss's comments are because my work suffered due to the depression as this has not been mentioned, could the depression be held against me if there are redundancies?

Please help, I have also posted this on the employment boards for responses there as I just don't know how to handle this and need quick responses.


lauren6283 Sat 05-Jul-14 22:24:34

I know this is too late to reply but I hope you got it sorted. I would have mentioned it because I think there are certain laws that protect you if you do, whereas if they don't know they can do whatever they like so to speak.

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