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coming off ADs

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Swaledale Fri 27-Jun-14 23:16:24


I have had PND since my DS was born a couple of years ago, although I have had issues for years. I hit rock bottom last year and have worked hard to drag myself back into the land of the living, instead of being like a zombie,, It's been tough, but I finally feel like I am in control and have managed to let go of a lot of things that were stopping me from living my life. I feel great, better than I have felt in years, so much so I had actually forgotten what it had felt like to feel this good. I have reduced my tablets (with GP and family support) right down to one every other day, I have been doing this for 2 weeks now. Does anyone know how long I need to do this for before stopping altogether? I am a bit nervous to not taking them any more. Has anyone else felt like this?

Thanks xx

pigwitch Fri 27-Jun-14 23:19:48

Maybe reduce down more by splitting the tablets. Have you asked your gp's advice on how to wean off? I have done this successfully before but have always gone back to the AD.

Shockers Fri 27-Jun-14 23:26:35

I successfully came off ADs with supplements. The two that worked for me were Berocca ( in tablet form, not fizzy because it contains aspartame ... I could only get the tablets in Boots), or a milk thistle complex ( Vogel ) from the health food shop.
Wean yourself off but feed yourself good stuff that will strengthen you.
Good luck x

Swaledale Fri 27-Jun-14 23:56:05

I started taking fish oils and multivits and eating oily fish as they are supposed to help with brain health, but tailed off, I will keep it up though.

I'll speak to the GP about how long...

PinklePurr Sat 28-Jun-14 00:03:40

It's a big leap from one tablet every other day to none at all, I've just done it. My GP's advice was to do it when I felt ready, even though the actual dose was little more than a placebo. He said not to set a time limit as it could set up the potential to "fail" (for want of a better word) and to stop when I still had some left in a packet so it would feel less like 'cold turkey'.

I do have a fab GP though.

Swaledale Sat 28-Jun-14 00:32:45

Ah well done Pinkle!!

I have about half a packet left, I think I will have another week and then see how I am.

Thanks for the support though smile xx

violator Sat 28-Jun-14 10:11:34

Well done to you!

I was 2.5 years on 10mgs escitalopram. I took just over 6 months to wean off it.
5mgs for 3 months. 2.5mgs for 3 months and then tried to cut the 2.5mgs in half so was taking crumbs for a few weeks.

I did still have some withdrawal symptoms when I had stopped completely but managed.
Honestly the best advice I'd give anyone wanting off medication is to go ridiculously slowly. There is no rush and if you do hit a few mood bumps you'll know you couldn't have gone any slower.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 28-Jun-14 11:22:11

It took me 6 months at least,I split tablets and got down to 5mg seroxat then asked the doctor for a liquid version so I could reduce the last bit very slowly. The last 2mg was a killer but aside effects only lasted a couple of days so I planned when to do it so it didn't coincide with a busy time. I was on 60 mg originally iirc.

Good luckthanks

WhatWouldFreddieDo Mon 30-Jun-14 18:37:00

I have tried to come off before, but usually gone back on within 6 months.

Now I believe that the various stresses that put me into anxiety/depression before have resolved and I really want to get off the pills for good so I've been reading around this online.

There is a body of opinion that many GPs do not appreciate how long it can take to come off without withdrawal symptoms. See this website eg, tho i am reading it with a certain pinch of salt.

But their advice on how to taper off REALLY slowly so that your poor brain isn't rocked too much does seem sensible.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 01-Jul-14 13:31:03

Really slowly worked for me. I read lots of forums for advice too, that's how I discovered the liquid version of dedicated as my doctor had never heard of it!

violator Tue 01-Jul-14 15:57:39

WhatWouldFreddieDo, I came across a few sites like that during my own research into tapering off meds.

What I did find out was that pharma trials on antidepressants don't include the stopping/weaning period. There are no trials on that, so we have to rely on other people's accounts of their experiences.

I found invaluable.

WhatWouldFreddieDo Thu 10-Jul-14 19:27:35

thanks for that violator, will have a read..

Swaledale Fri 18-Jul-14 11:00:40

I am back on the lowest dose, I spoke to my dr and my OH and we all agreed that I rushed it, I feel much better and more relaxed.

Thanks for all your help and support xx

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