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I'm afraid of the world

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7Days Fri 27-Jun-14 16:42:29

I'm very very afraid and there is something playing on my mind. I have a particular phobia about a particular event that may happen, I have gotten episodes of it throughout my life since my teens. Think like possibility of nuclear war type of fear, though that's not it. There was a news item about it yesterday and now I can't do anything, thought about it all night woke up grinding tteth and loose bowels, all the physical manifestations of fear. I have a newborn and two preschoolers and its them the fear centres on.

How can i stop this thinking? I keep imagining my lovely children suffering and wondering if I'd have the strength to ease their suffering if |I had to. But don't fear for my children I wouldn't dream of doing that unless my local town looked like a postapoc film, things are not that bad yet anyway! its only an example of the kind of thoughts that are going round

I feel so so afraid and bloody annoyed, some people have real worries and I have imaginary ones. How can I stop this? i truly believe it

(If you guess what I might be thinking about please don't write it down as it might tip me over!)

MerryInthechelseahotel Sat 28-Jun-14 11:16:07

Don't know if this is possible for you but can you take time to positively imagine something. So as you imagine at the moment something bad happening, close your eyes and consciously imagine your children looking happy and relaxed and see them doing something they really like doing and having great experiences. Keep doing this and each time you find your mind wandering to something horrible happening force yourself to start thinking about the good experiences.

Hope you can do this and begin to feel better. thanks

Snog Tue 01-Jul-14 07:44:51

This sounds debilitating. Have you seen your GP as a starting point? Anxiety is very treatable but can really stop you from enjoying your life ime

7Days Tue 08-Jul-14 21:07:21

Sorry for not acknowledging your posts it slipped off TIO and I've been trying to forget tbh.

I have started seeing a CBT/mindfullness type person, it was a relief just to spill tbh. So hopefully she wll teach me some tactics.

yes, really stopping me from enjoying my life and my tiny children.

So will get it under some sort of control. Thank you

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