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Success with PIP benefits and OCD

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jemjelly Wed 28-May-14 13:58:54

Just wanted to post as I thought this might help someone else. My DH has contamination OCD, he has had this for years, it controls his/our life and makes it difficult and really time consuming for him to complete common tasks or even leave the house as he has to wash keys, cash, his hands etc, etc for a long time before he can go out and he suffers with terrible cracked skin because of all the washing.

We put off applying for incopacity benefit for years because my DH thought no-on would believe him. Anyway, we finally applied last July and the letter arrived yesterday stating that DH qualifies and we will receive �53 per week plus all the back payments.

I am so relieved, the extra money will ease a lot of the financial stress caused by having to pay out so much cash for soap, electricity, etc, etc, needed due to DH's OCD.

If you have been putting off applying for PIP because you don't think mental illness is believed don't put it off any longer, apply now.

KarenJones642 Wed 28-May-14 14:21:34

Thank you for this. I have OCD, depression and schizophrenia. I worry about the changes to benefits and this worrying makes my condition even worse.

inastraightline Wed 28-May-14 14:35:42

Great news smile. I get DLA and ESA for depression & anxiety and I'm fretting about having to move to PIP next year. Did he have to have a face to face assessment? That is something that worries me. What kind of medical reports did you have to supply? Was a GP letter enough?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm trying to make sure my application goes well next year so I want to be as prepared as I can be.

jemjelly Wed 28-May-14 23:34:30

Hi - We did have a face to face meeting with a mental Health nurse, and she was lovely, very sympathetic and understanding, she even mentioned a few creams we can get from the GP to help my DH's sore hands.

I didn't think we would get it so was really unorganised and didn't talk to our GP before we went but they already had a letter from the GP so presumably they contacted our surgery. It was all done on a point scoring system (don't know if that's new) eg he had so many points for not being able to cook a meal for himself, points for not being able to answer the phone or open post.

The nurse mentioned I would probably qualify for carers allowance so that's the next hurdle to try.

It's such a relief that OCD is being recognised now. Most people seem to see it as either a bit of a joke or a good thing as you are great at cleaning (apparently) and really house proudangry.

inastraightline Thu 29-May-14 00:24:00

Thanks jemjelly. The points sound similar to DLA criteria. I would just find it much more intimidating to do it in person, but I'm glad the nurse was understanding.

Do try to get a benefits check to see what other things you might be entitled to. E.g., I get a cinema card to allow a carer in for free with me, and a disabled railcard. If you get anything like housing benefit you can normally get an extra premium if you have someone on DLA/PIP in the household.

jemjelly Thu 29-May-14 06:57:49

Thanks I will, we do get housing benefit and working tax credits. I will check up.

Good luck with your new claim when it comes round. My DH was also dreading the interview so went with him for support, it really was fine, I think the interview is just to try and put people off applying so don't let it phase you.

fluffydressinggown Tue 03-Jun-14 19:43:30

Just bumping to ask how long after the interview did it take for him to get the answer back?

Thanks smile I am so pleased he got it, it can make such a difference!

mumtosome61 Tue 03-Jun-14 19:53:44

I concur - apply, and if it is denied, appeal - there are some great websites out there that guide you through the process. So pleased you were granted the help you deserve, I empathise completely with how difficult OCD is.

I applied for my severe mental health condition - I was given a two year claim in the support group and was not required to attend an interview; it's rare that it this happens and I was grateful for it, but had endured years of issues trying to claim ESA due to unclear diagnoses which was finally determined as BPD, OCD and severe anxiety. I think I received an answer in about four weeks from the decision stage.

From my experience, make sure your GP is on board and any mental health team - private or NHS based is aware of the claim. I suspect it speeds up the process. It isn't nice having to be honest about how difficult MH can be, especially if it is something you are not open with to others, but it makes a lot of difference.

Also, recovery is possible. I'm fortunate in that I had five months worth of therapy and now consider myself to be mostly free of major issues - it isn't easy and it isn't quick but it can be done. I had to be brutally honest with people about my needs after spending years of being polite and not asking too much.

mumtosome61 Tue 03-Jun-14 19:55:02

(five months in addition to a years one to one therapy, I mean)

inastraightline Thu 05-Jun-14 10:09:49

Congratulations on your recovery mumtosome. Was it a particular type of therapy you had, and was it available on the NHS?

Do you get PIP as well as ESA?

mumtosome61 Thu 05-Jun-14 10:39:49

It was on the NHS - I had cognitive analytical therapy for five months. I'd previously done CBT a few years before - both are good therapeutic measures, CAT is possibly more 'emotional' based. I also had some emotional regulation therapy.

No, I was only on ESA; I never claimed for DLA/PIP because I wasn't 'looked after' as such - I lived with my Mum but was able to do daily tasks and always took tablets etc. When my decision was made I went straight into support group without an assessment - I did have a GP letter and psychiatric letter.

Assessments can be done in the home btw - if the severity of your condition prevents you from safely or comfortably leaving the house you can request a home visit.

larrymollysue Thu 19-Nov-15 12:56:52

Hello. Everyone. Im new to using this sight and a little technology shy.
Im looking for help with PIP on mental health grounds. Iv always had problems but never admitted it. Iv just been diagnosed as having OCD personality trates emotionally unstable personality trates and antisocial personality trates i also have a past history of addiction and have COPD. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they think i might be able to get help from PIP. I have anxiety and wake up fearful everyday. I try to go places but its places i know iv no friends and am very isolated but again try to go to groups but am not good with people. My head falls of sometime if i have to deal with people even phone calls are a struggle. My shopping has to be done in a set order and i dont go out till late in the day as i sit and worry about having to go shopping for hours before i go. I have food issues and sometimes dont eat. And just getting ready for the day takes me hours as i have to clean the inside of my mouth with bleach then a routine of teeth brushing and washing. I also have mild learning difficulties and dislexea. Im lost with out a spell checking thing. Can anyone tell me if this quil

larrymollysue Thu 19-Nov-15 12:58:25

If i would be entitled to pip on these things

imjustahead Thu 19-Nov-15 13:05:14

larrymollysue, hi

This is an old thread, so you might be better off starting a new one for yourself, with your specific details, you may get more answers?

Of course, people can comment here, but i just didn't want your recent question getting overlooked.

take care

larrymollysue Thu 19-Nov-15 13:39:38

Im sorry. But in what topic should i post please

imjustahead Thu 19-Nov-15 19:27:01

in this section, but start a new thread. no need to apologise!!

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