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frustratedashell Sat 10-May-14 11:26:21

Im 54 and have a great partner but suffering from depression again. (we have been together for a year) It is affecting our relationship, partly because im sure im difficult to live with. Also he has had never had depression so cant fully appreciate how I feel, I understand that.
Im fed up with repeatedly getting depression! Ironically im on anti depressants and have been for some time, quite a high dose.
Ive come out for a coffee and some space, hes due home from work soon. Ive left him a long letter explaining how I feel. I know he loves and adores me, as I do him, but I feel miserable! Im tearful etc. I know when Im going downhill again, Im quite self aware. Dont know what Im posting for, just understanding maybe?

Minion100 Sat 10-May-14 11:46:11

Can i ask if you are doing anything lifestyle wise to hep keep depression at bay? often this works better than medication.

That includes daily exercise
Keeping busy
Minimising stress
Taking vitamins and supplements
Using a light box
Practising mindfulness
Having counselling regularly
Eating a healthy diet

These sort of things?

LastingLight Sat 10-May-14 15:38:08

I agree with Minion100 that it's important to do the right lifestyle things when you have depression. Some people however can do all of that adn still need medication. From personal experience I know that medication can work for a couple of months or years and then just stop so you have to try a different med. It's a pain, but there you go. Do you see a psychiatrist? If you have a history of repeated depression then this is beyond the scope of what a gp should be treating. Have you ever had talk therapy?

frustratedashell Sat 10-May-14 16:08:00

Thanks for your replies. No I don't do many of those things. I think I need to get back to them. Have had counselling in the past. Think I will have to go back to
Gp and change tablets and ask about counselling.
By the way I got home and my partner had a go at me about the letter. Had a big row. Feel like leaving. Have kind of made up now.

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