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Emetophobes - rally call - help

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Eyelet Sat 03-May-14 20:56:05

Dd1 complaining all morning that her tummy hurts and she is hungry. This is pretty much normal as she has a severe speech delay and being hungry or needing a poo is always described as tummy hurting.

Went to her cousins for the day. Much excitement, running about and she ate quite a lot of those baby snacks. The puff ones? Anyway, halfway home she threw up. Everywhere. Baby dc next to her so I'm sure baby will now get it.

I'm in a complete tizz. Hige anxiety issues anyway and being treated for depression. At a stupidly expensive work away few days on Tuesday-Thursday next week staying overnight, worked so so hard to get a place, running a workshop with presentations galore, six hours drive from home.

I feel guilty that I've left dd1 to DH and I can't bear to be near her and I've cosied up to baby for the night. Ans I am seriously worried about catching the bug or baby catching the bug. And also this bloody workshop - can't cancel it, spent hundreds of pounds on hotel and travel.

wildernessagogo Sun 11-May-14 23:08:02

Sorry to miss this. Hope all ok now xxx

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