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Me and DH mental health suffering due to bad neighbours.

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sicily1921 Wed 30-Apr-14 19:53:19

There is a BH weekend coming up which we should have the right to look forward to. We work hard all week in fairly high pressure jobs and like others who work and have children, we feel that we deserve some relaxation!

Now, our neighbours have their own take on this, they work and have DCs and they deserve to wind down, trouble is, their winding down means rolling in drunk at a weekend then keeping us awake half the night (sometimes all night sad) with LOUD talking, laughing, shouting, swearing and thumping hi fi. If the don't roll in drunk in the early hours they will stay in with a selection their many 'pals' and get drunk.

I'm not against anyone having 'fun' but to have to put up with this every weekend is driving me daft. If we miss a nights sleep then pretty much the whole of the next day is a washout as we feel so tired and stressed with it all. Sleep, like food and water and air is a basic necessity to live and be healthy, I am really angry that other people can't see that and are so inconsiderate.

Jen2815 Thu 01-May-14 17:05:30

Have you tried speaking to the council? They can put sound recording equipment in your house and monitor the situation (environmental health department)

rabbitrisen Fri 02-May-14 14:02:06

If the above doesnt work, I would consider moving.

spottydolphin Tue 06-May-14 18:45:35

agree with previous poster. you need to speak to environmental health.

you could also, if it's very bad, call the police on the non-emergency number.

I'd advise speaking to the neighbours first though, if you haven't already.

justyeh Sun 11-May-14 20:22:14

I have lived by people like this and in the end moved, because if you call police out they just ask them to turn the volume down, then when police have gone they turn it up louder. Noise monitor's is a long process, if you talk to them they become hostile. I totally know what your going through it drives you mad and makes you feel ill. I used white noise and earplugs to try mask some of the sound until I could move. Some people are so selfish as long as their having a good time they don't care about anyone else. But if you cannot move try giving them some noise back when they are sleeping next day.

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