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Can you help this wonderfull woman

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custennin Fri 04-Apr-14 02:17:21


the woman singing and playing on this video is a single mum who has a history of mental health problems. she honestly feels she has nothing to offer the world. im hoping if i can get it up to just 100 views it might help her realise its not to late to do something amazing with her life.

Selks Fri 04-Apr-14 02:20:04

Yes, done with pleasure.

Selks Fri 04-Apr-14 02:21:41

She's got more than 100 views on there all ready smile

custennin Fri 04-Apr-14 11:26:56

I ment to say 1000 but... Well im dyslexic/dyspraxic myself.

Any feedback you would like to give please do. Ill pass it on to here when there is some.

custennin Sat 05-Apr-14 01:30:08

quite sad that im trying to help someone with a history of mental health problems and someone from here has tried to troll her already.

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