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What to do?

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snowshoes68 Thu 03-Apr-14 21:08:20

I'm severely stressed out and anxious about various things in my life at the moment. I feel like my chest is crushed and I have zero patience yet I'm so calm on the surface because I've got to hold things together at home. I don't want to lose the plot but I feel like I'm on a slippy slope. Will my Dr think I'm being silly if I go see him about this? I just want to sleep and to feel normal. Right now I'm feeling so pressured and so unwell sad

126sticks Fri 04-Apr-14 20:42:43

I wouldnt think that the doctor would think that you were being silly.

Do you want to post anything on here? Though dont if you dont want to.

Lozislovely Fri 04-Apr-14 22:42:55

Please see your GP, you've nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

I've had the exact same feelings and the thought of being honest with my GP filled me with dread, but I went and opened up about how I was feeling, tears and all, and am now on the road to recovery. Just started on CBT too and whilst early days I am receptive that I can get out of this viscous cycle at last.

You deserve to feel better and you're not alone in how you are feeling (even if it feels like you are right now - I speak from experience wink) x

LoveVintage Fri 04-Apr-14 22:47:05

Go and see your doctor. He will not think you are being silly. If you don't go and see him there is every chance you WILL lose the plot.

I went to my gp about a year ago as I was feeling a bit like you are. I also had had various things going on in my life and was feeling overwhelmed by it. GP prescribed fluoxetine and I was happy to give it a go, because like you I had recognised that I needed to take steps to help myself. I have not looked back. I am about to come off it, but I felt so much better I could not believe the difference. Hopefully you will get the help you need whether it is medication or not, and trust me, even the fact that you have taken control and done something about it will make immediately make you start to feel better. Good luck

snowshoes68 Sat 05-Apr-14 11:31:45

Thank you all for your replies, it's helped a lot just putting it in writing how I'm feeling so overwhelmed. It's like a tiny snowball just got bigger and bigger and now I'm in it's path and about to be flattened. I've kept it going on the surface so my dd doesn't see the mess I'm in and I've kept going with work and the house and my DH has been great, helping out as much as possible. But it's inside of me that needs the help? I'm going to call my dr on Monday and see about getting some help because there's no worse feeling than this feeling like I'm unraveling or going faster and faster.

I can't talk too much about it all. I've got some family stuff going on that's causing huge stress. I just recently found out I have skin cancer and possibly other health problems in my blood but they're doing tests. My brain feels so foggy I can't quite understand every single thing if I try to think about it all at the same time? It's all too much. And I feel a fraud in a way as on the surface I have such a lovely life. Lovely DH and dd, ok job and house. I'm so scared it'll all be taken from me or I'll be snatched out of this life. Everything feels so precarious if that makes sense.

Thank you for listening to my nonsense. Its good to have somewhere to type it out into writing about my feelings. And it's helpful to read that you've been through similar feelings too. It's very isolating as I feel I haven't a right to feel this way? I was brought up to always be grateful and I'm not feeling very grateful at the moment. Just scared and stressed and overwhelmed with it all.

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