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had to resign...very anxious and stressed.

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superstarheartbreaker Tue 01-Apr-14 04:56:54

I suffer from bipolar but function om...just. got a new job in January. Very excited as was teaching at long last and in a very posh school.
Just before I started it was as though a cloud descended and I got a real sense of dread. I got very anxious about the huge workload and at the same time my ex dp split from me which hurt a lot. I think it may have affectex my work.
I thought I heard my hoss talk about me vehind my back. It may be true. My classes were tough and I coildnt cope tbh.
It came to a head when a student threatened me and slt didnt support me.
I tesigned as a result but I cant help wondering if I was paranoid. Mabe I wasnt threatened and mabe management did support me as rhey claimed too.
They were going to fire me anyway due to bad performance as thd kids behaviour was bad in my classes. I have realised that teaching makes me ill which is sad as I have to give up a good career.
Will I ever get a hoid career with poor mh?

126sticks Tue 01-Apr-14 08:59:09

I dont know how old you are, and I dont know your financial situation.
Teaching is a stressful job. Might teaching in a college be better for you?

TortoiseshellMillie Tue 01-Apr-14 10:53:24

Just wanted to say hello. I am also a teacher with mental health difficulties. I am currently off work and ask myself frequently if I am being paranoid hmm.x

TortoiseshellMillie Tue 01-Apr-14 10:54:31

Do you have a Remploy nearby? They are very useful. Also, have you spoken to your union? What are management doing to help you develop classroom management strategies?x

superstarheartbreaker Tue 01-Apr-14 12:36:22

Management are doing nothing as I am unemployed! And they also did nothing before!

LovelyBath Wed 02-Apr-14 19:39:05

I know of teachers who have had mental health problems, and have gone on to become head teachers, including one who had a breakdown and went to teaching his class part time for several years first. The breakdown was mainly due to Ofsted pressures.

Teaching is really stressful especially the stuff that comes with a full time role. Have you thought about doing some supply maybe in a different more supportive school? I have heard from a friend who teaches in a 'posh' area it's actually more pressurised and less of a team spirit amongst the teachers, they envy the teachers at the less popular school as it is much more supportive.

Maybe it's a question of finding the right school?

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