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Is this just stress or ocd or something more? Please talk to me.

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moldingsunbeams Sun 30-Mar-14 02:35:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pinknfluffy Sun 30-Mar-14 08:57:34

I have had similar issues with anxiety, and found cognitive behavioural therapy really useful. It's not a nice place to be, I really feel for you. I am sure that you will get lots of advice on here, and good luck, you will feel better in time, sun.

Donki Sun 30-Mar-14 09:03:32

Another one here who finds CBT really useful for anxiety.

You can ask GP to refer - or self refer through IAPT.

Donki Sun 30-Mar-14 09:04:03

(But there may be a lengthy waiting list)

Donki Sun 30-Mar-14 09:05:35

Or go privately - no waiting list, if it is an option.

Many workplaces can offer 6 sessions of CBT through a scheme if you ask.

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