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Cerazette/cerelle and anxiety

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jojack17 Sat 29-Mar-14 21:40:35

Hi, I've been struggling with anxiety leading to low mood and borderline depression for about three years. Finally, about five months ago, I've gave in and began taking 50mg sertraline and it really has helped. I still have the odd dodgy day, or even a wobbly week, but generally I'm functioning well and even feeling reasonably happy most of the time...but still not 'Normal'. I've been taking the mini pill cerazette, recently re named cerelle, for about six years, and a friend recently commented that this pill had her so jittery with anxiety that she had to come off it. I talked to my GP about this, asking if it could be affecting me in this way, and she said it's really unlikely as its a very low dose hormone. Now this pill really suits me in most ways, I have no periods at all which is fine by me, and its never made me put weight on or anything, so I'm reluctant to just stop taking it. However, if its contributing to my wobbly mental state, then I would stop it immediately! Just wondering if anyone else has any experience of this pill causing anxiety/depression symptoms?

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