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Back on Fluoxetine

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acatcalledchinchi Mon 24-Mar-14 10:09:27

As the title says, my GP out me back on Fluoxetine around a fortnight ago. I was on the previously for around 18 months but decided to come off them last summer whilst I was on an overseas break visiting my in laws as I naively thought being on holiday would make everything better confused

My GP advised me to start taking them again after me feeling that everything was getting too much for me again. I have lost my energy, motivation and am constantly in a 'cannot be bothered' mood. With three DCs (6, 5 and 3), I feel that there is always someone who wants a part of me. I work 6 days a week as DH and I are self employed and we run our own coffee shop.

To get to my point, I've been back on the tablets now for just over two weeks. I feel as naff asI did before I started to take them. I wake up in the night feeling anxious and I always have a feeling that something heavy is on my heart, not in a painful way, but almost like it is being squeezed. I feel generally crap. I have a follow up appointment with the GP next week, but should I still be feeling like this?

LastingLight Mon 24-Mar-14 11:07:57

Side effects can take a couple of weeks to lessen, and the positive effects can take a couple of weeks to kick in so you need to be patient. Presumably the fluoxetine helped the previous time you took it?

avocadosandwich Mon 24-Mar-14 14:19:56

I had a dreadful time for the first couple of weeks on fluoxetine, and again when my dose was increased. If you can stick with them for another week, I would, as you should start to turn a corner then. But if it's really unbearable then go back to the GP sooner. There are alternatives if this med isn't right for you.

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