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Emetophobia - fear of people being sick /being sick yourself New thread..

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DaisyEmma Thu 20-Mar-14 02:40:02


I just wanted to add my experience.... and ask for any tips....

Suffered badly with this from a kid to age 30 only with hindsight do i see just how much it affected my life. (I knew it was pretty bad) When I found out I was pregnant I knew I had to do something about it! (Both ways - terrified of other people being sick and a bit less terrified of myself)

Luckily (still thank my lucky stars for this) my NCT teacher was (is) a practicing hypnotherapist and deals with phobias... literally 10 days before my daughter was born I had 2 sessions with her. I was nervous obviously but felt I had no choice. It was fascinating actually, it was upsetting as had to think about difficult times when I was a kid, but PLEASE listen to this bit- it was THE BEST thing I have EVER done. I knew I avoided all the typical things, people getting drunk, getting drunk myself, absolute professional at noticing anyone who looked slightly green from about 100yards, super careful around cooking, obsessively avoiding anyone who might have been sick anytime in last month or three no matter who they were, obsessing over incidents when things had happened etc. Interestingly I came to the realisation that I got a terrible sense of foreboding- like the world was going to end - if I saw someone be sick. That's how crazy!
but after hypnosis, when my daughter was born I was I would say 98% -99% totally fine! And it was honestly the most liberating feeling ever.

That was 3 years ago and with my (very great) OH's support I have coped really well with numerous times where she has been sick. (At least 6 separate times as a kid) I was worried when she got to about 1 as baby sick was fine but I was worried about older kids sick if you know what I mean. Though that's been ok and I've been prob 85% fine as time has gone on.

I chose to get treated for others being sick, but not myself as there wasnt time and stupidly I haven't made time since. Tonight though I'm worried as my OH has been sick and my LO hasn't been herself for a couple of days and I'm not feeling 100%....I know if she's sick tonight/ tomorrow I'll be on my own. Also what on earth do you do if you and them are sick?

Things I try to bear in mind are:

There are thousands of people (nurses etc) who deal with this every day and don't bat an eyelid. It can't be that big a deal then.

It's a natural thing, like getting pregnant and giving birth (arghhhh!) your body knows what it's doing. It's getting rid of something bad.

As I read somewhere on here, exposure helps (REALLY has in the past) best cure is often the realisation that the reality is no where near as bad as in your head.

It is usually mostly water :-/

We are so lucky to have access to washing machines!

In past I've listened to podcasts when I feel sick to make me feel less alone. That sounds sad doesn't it! What I mean is it takes your mind off it and makes you feel connected to the outside world instead of in a nightmare.

There are so many lovely people in the world who would happily help in your hour of need, I find it reassuring to think there are people like this.

Will stop typing now! Hope everyone is ok and not struggling with this xx

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