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Exhaustion and Depression./ Citalopram

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Itreallyistimetochangethings Wed 19-Mar-14 15:35:46

I finally started on 10mg today after years of depression on and off. Right now I am exhausted and could go away and sleep for 3 weeks if I could, but I can't. I am a single parent with no family or friends. I am half way through my degree but can't focus to read anything and absorb it. I literally get up to take my child to school and pick him up, without that I would stay in bed. I dread the thought of cooking a meal. In 2 weeks I will be upped to 20mg - I had CBT last year and it helped at the time. Horrible thoughts do creep in ....and I have to push them to the back of my mind. I hate being lethargic and de-motivated like this. but my question is how long before I feel better.

way2serious Wed 19-Mar-14 19:27:58


I have been taking 10mg of Citalopram for 3 weeks and have begun to feel better in the last couple of days. I am still very tired, especially in the evenings. I have seen my GP today and discussed an increase to 20mg but have decided to wait a bit longer as I am starting to feel a bit better.

I am beginning to feel more positive and can see more of a future, whereas 3 weeks ago I was struggling to get through each day. I found this so hard as I have never suffered from anything like this before. I haven't cried now for nearly a week, whereas I was crying daily and hardly sleeping or eating.

I am due to start CBT next week but not sure if it will help or not. I have also been having some coaching and counselling at work as my anxiety is work related.

mouse26 Wed 19-Mar-14 20:19:20

Hi, I'm on 30mg citalopram at the moment. I felt so much better by the end of week 3 (2nd week at 20Mg). I know its different for everybody, I still have short periods (2 or 3 days) where I'm feeling like I can't cope through the day, but I do and it passes. Stick with it and tell yourself it will get better thanks

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