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How do you know if your paranoid?

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superstarheartbreaker Mon 17-Mar-14 22:18:26

I resigned after a spate of workplace bullying. This coincided with a relationship breakup and anxiety about starting a new job. I also have anxiety and bipolar. Looking back I sometimes wonder if I was paranoid or if I really did hear my boss talk behind my back etc. how can I tell?

EuroMaidan Tue 18-Mar-14 13:50:04

Some degree of anxiety is inevitable during and after traumatic situations. You experienced something unpleasant and your perception of any future events will be influenced by this negative experience from the past. This way you are protecting yourself from similar harm in the future.

But because bullying and relationship breakdown are serious life-changing events, this protection instinct may become exaggerated, and/or may last for longer than is helpful.

A good indicator of whether you're paranoid is how you are reacting to day-to-day life events now (after some time away from aggressors). If you are still seeing threats identical to the ones you experienced in the past, particularly in the face of evidence that no actual threats exist, then you might need more time or more help to recover from your traumatic experience fully.

Did you consider counseling to help you deal with these events?

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